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Sep 6, 2001 03:53 PM

need some help deciding...

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we will be in NO on a Tuesday evening without dinner plans. We already have dinners later in the week at Emeril and a Chinese place with wait staff in drag, and brunch one day at Two Sisters (not sure if it is Two Sisters or The Court of...).

I've eaten at Dominique already, and was thinking of either waiting for a table at Galatoire's or getting a reservation at Peristyle. Other suggestions?

We might be just 2 or might be a group of 6, would that change your recommendation?



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  1. I wish you luck with the Court of Two Sisters. They're sort of like the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead - when they are good, they are very very good; but when they are bad...etc. My last two experiences there were not good. Luck Cheng's is a hoot (to say the least), and Emiril's is always good, but noisy.

    If you are limited to the quarter transportation-wise, Galatoire's is about as good as you can get. But I would suggest the Redfish Grill as a viable alternative. The food is great, it's roomier and has a superb jazz club next door. Or if you're in for the big bucks, go to Bayona, Susan Spicer's top offering.

    If you can get out to the neighborhoods, the possibilities are unlimited. Intimate and elegant, and the best food in New Orleans, in my opinion, is Gabrielle on Esplanade. Best duck in the world, period. And daily dessert specials not to be believed. Or for the real thing down and dirty (i.e. informal), go to Mandina's on Canal above Jeff Davis and have the oyster-artichoke soup and soft-shell crab almondine. Go early or very late, no reservations accepted. (Who cares, the bar is great!)That's how the natives eat!

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      Go with Galatoire's but arrive at about 5:00 and ask for downstairs seating. Coat & tie are no longer required but you'll get an intangiblerespect if you have had the respect for the institution to dress properly.

      Mandina's is also a fine suggestion but don't sit on tle lakeside (wall side) of the large table in the bar---the floor is cracked and the table leans so the soup will come dangerously close to running into you lap. Well, that's New Orleans . . . .

    2. Please, please, please immediately cancel your reservation at Lucky Cheng's (the drag place mentioned). You might as well visit Paris and go to Burger King. Why would anyone want to go there?? It should be a crime.
      So many great places to eat. Read past posts to this board - it is chock full of great dining ideas.

      1. I agree: Ditch the Lucky Cheng's reservation. Emeril's has been lousy the last two times I've tried it, but I still have hope. Please write back and let us know how it went.
        As for the open night, YES YES YES to Peristyle. Galatoire's is a fabulous New Orleans experience, and some of the food is delightful, but Anne Kearney will leave you wondering how you got so lucky as to sit at one of her tables. I don't know why other posts haven't encouraged this decision yet; most of New Orleans seems to agree that her food is far and away the best.
        Have fun.

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        1. re: eatmore
          lee (in chicago)

          Our host picked Lucky Cheng's, we are going for the atmostphere not the food and I can't say no (I am one of 12 in the group). We'll see if we can get a res. at Peristyle...