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Sep 4, 2001 12:37 PM

the muffaletta

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I love the muffalettas at Central Grocery. Do any of you chowhounds know of a chowhoundier place to find these wonderfully oily sandwiches?

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    Nor-Joe's, an Italian import store in Old Metairie, has one of the best. Be sure to order the deluxe muffaletta. It contains lots of premium Italian deli meat such as proscuitto and mortadella. Other places around town sometimes skimp on the quality of the deli meats.

    In the Quarter, The Napoleon House has a pretty good one though I think they use pastrami as one of the ingredients which may offend some purists.

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    1. re: Carpetbagger

      Where exactly is Nor-Joe's?
      Like, what's the address or
      cross streets?


      1. re: jh

        It's at 505 Frisco Ave. in Metairie. Right off Metairie Rd. in Old Metairie. If you're coming from I-10, turn right immediately after the railroad crossing on Metairie Rd. Nor-Joe's is about a block down on your left.