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Sep 1, 2001 11:34 PM

New Orleans BYO restaurants?

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I'll be in New Orleans for a convention in November and would like to arrange dinner for some fellow attendees who would like to bring a few special bottles of wine to share. Any recommendations - is this even possible?

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  1. Try Cafe Marigny. As of August, you could bring your own wine.

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    1. re: psaprop
      Reid Mitchell

      Cafe Marigny seems to be moving down the street to a location with a liquor license but maybe the move won't be completed by the time of your visit.

      In general, the city is pretty lavish with liquor licenses so BYOB places are rare. Perhaps the best such restaurant is Lola's a Spanish restaurant on Esplanade near Bayon St. John.

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        Nautical on Maple Street is a bring your own restaurant. Corkage charge is $4.00


        1. re: psaprop

          I have to echo Cafe Marigny, it is an out of the way establishmnent serving very eclectic cusine. Try the duck and andouille spring rolls with the three chili dipping sauce!

          The concrete floors make it a bit noisy, but frankly that does not bother me in the least. I ate there about two weeks ago and had a fabulous experience. Its a bit off the path for most tourists but is easy to find for a true chow hound! They have an informative website as well,

          Good Luck.

        2. Just about any restaurant will let you bring your own wine, but almost all charge corkage fees ranging from $4.50 (no license) to $25 (really don't want you to bring your own; e.g., Commander's). However, most will waive this fee if you also order a bottle or two from their wine list.

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            randy fertel

            One disappointing exception to the rule that "Just about any restaurant will let you bring your own wine," is Mosca's which simply will not let you bring your own wine. To make things worse, they have a third rate list themselves. Of course the food keeps me coming back. Like tomorrow night . . . Lucky me!