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Aug 23, 2001 02:05 PM

Possible to get a low carb breakfast in NO?

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Though the beignets at Cafe du Monde (sp??) sound great, can anyone suggest a good and inexpensive place to get eggs for breakfast? We have to watch our carbs intake and I hope that's not utterly impossible in New Orleans.

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  1. Get an omelet at the Camellia Grill (S. Carrolton Ave at the Riverbend). They whip the eggs up in a blender just before cooking the omelet, so the omelets are gigantic.

    The chili cheese omelet should be pretty much devoid of carbs.

    Go very early!

    For a cheaper and really funky alternative, the Hummingbird Grill at Lee Circle has good eggs and the people are very friendly.

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    1. re: Bob W.

      Bob, thanks so much for the leads. I'm sure we will try both places for breakfast.

      My husband's a diabetic and while we want to enjoy the food, we don't want to go off the deep end and have him not feeling well because of it. I'm supposed to be careful with carbs as well.

      Though perhaps we can do ONE day at Cafe du Monde just to say we did it. :-)

      1. re: Barbara K

        two cafe a lait and one order of donuts and it would not even be unheard of to by pass the donuts. I used to regularly go for a coffee night cap about 10pm. Most week nights it is a bit subdued but still along the river in the French Quarter.

        The Hummingbird is the best greasy spoon diner I have ever enjoyed on this planet. My own favorite combo: BLT and the basic 2 fried eggs breakfast. It would really hit the spot when it was too late for dinner but still early for breakfast.

        Very Tasty but it is a greasy spoon diner. Their cooking remind me a bit of that of my grandmother's, rest her soul. She was from Texas, not Louisiana, and the Hummingbird is southern, not particularly New Orleans/La.

        1. re: wray

          1. They apparently bake only one pan of biscuits per day, and if you get there any later than about 8:30 a.m. they are gone and you are out of luck.

          2. You'd better either be a smoker or not mind cigarette smoke if you eat there.

          1. re: Sarah C

            Right on both counts. Bisquits available from around 6am until they are gone.

            Also, in addition to the smoking, I sometimes would notice that my hair and clothes would carry a "greasy spoon" smell if I tarried too long there.

    2. Oddly enough, I think NOLA is the birthplace of the Sugar Busters diet (not the "movement" per se, but this particular diet). You'll find it easy to watch your carbs in town - many, many restuarants of all stripes offer Sugar Buster items.

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      1. re: Lisa Bee

        That's good to know, Lisa. Certainly, our low carb diet allows us a greater freedom for a place like NO than, say, a low fat diet. We can eat shell fish galore!

        However, I absolutely refuse to go there without trying a po'boy and a Muffaletta. There seems to be a difference of opinion here about the best and tastiest and where they can be found. Mother's? Central Grocery? Progress Grocery? Uglesich's?

        1. re: Barbara K

          I have the worst kind of advice for you. I know the location of the BEST po boy in town but I cannot remember the name of this place for the life of me (it's been a few years since I lived in NOLA...sorry!). Maybe someone else can help out?

          At the intersection of Elysian Fields and St. Claude (Rampart), on the River side, there's a little sandwich shop. Not the greatest neighborhood, but completely safe during day and early evening. I believe it's a man's name...? Anyhow, the po boys there are magnificent, and I hunted everywhere. I seriously recommend. Good luck and post back - let us know what you find!

          1. re: Lisa Bee

            @ 1040 Elysian Fields Ave? I found this using Mircosoft Streets & Trips 2001, so I can't verify if that is correct...

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              couple of quick technical points (oh, and welcome to the site!)

              1. please don't change subject titles unless conversation has digressed. I realize other web discussions encourage posters to communicate via subject titles, but we ask people not to do that here.

              2. you may want to consider, in selecting a nametag, that we have tens of thousands of users. Going under just "Mike" will make it impossible for us all to get to know and remember you (and your chow preferences!). I'd suggest you pick a clever nickname...or use your last name...or something to make you unique.


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                Advice well taken. My apologies!

                Par38lamp (Mike)

            2. re: Lisa Bee

              Mike, absolutely - GENE'S PO BOYS. The sausage po boy is unreal.

            3. re: Barbara K
              Reid Mitchell

              Progress Grocery has closed; its replacement is a bad muffaletta place. Central is still the best although unfortunately they now make 'em in advance and stack 'em up. Mother's is best known for the Ferdie, but is not particularly a muffaletta place. Uglesich's is a seafood joint--one of the best.

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            Neil Simmons

            Go to Foodies next to Doronacs on Veterans, they will custom make your breakfast and fast. You can watch them make homemade bread.

            1. Try the Bluebird Cafe, a great place. I suspect even here that you'll have to control carbs yourself, but I know the eggs are good, though if you're willing to indulge in a few carbs, the huevos rancheros are superb. In the garden district.