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Aug 22, 2001 12:41 PM

rocky & carlo

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Looking for people who have eaten at Rocky and Carlo ?
Is it worth a trip to the Parish for a meal ? You have got to be kidding !!
I grew up in New Orleans (gentilly). I now live in Natchez, MS. We have driven, on Sundays, to Rocky's to eat and then drove home with spare roast beef po-boys. That is 400 miles round trip in one day....just to eat at Rocky's. NOW, do you think it's worth it ?

New Orleans has forgotten how to make it's famous po-boys.....ROCKY & CARLO HASN'T. go for it !!

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  1. I am pleased to offer an unqualified recommendation for Rocky & Carlo's.

    Having not tried R&C before this year, I was saddened to hear, a few months before our last trip to NO, of their little problem with stuffed peppers. But they seemed to get their act together and I didn't see any follow-up negativity on the Times-Picayune restaurant message board (a great and heavily trafficked board), so we drove out to da Parish and gave it a shot.

    DEFINITELY worth the trip. The roast beef po-boy was monstrous, and good. Five bucks. Twice the size of any roast beef po-boy we've had in NO. Hot and sloppy, the way it should be.

    The mac & cheese met with high praise from Mrs. W., the family mac and cheese expert. She was dubious about the red gravy, but only until she spooned some onto the m&c. Large portion, six bucks. No charge for side of red gravy.

    The third part of the meal was wop salad, a very generous "small" portion for $2.75. A very good rendition.

    The R&C ladies were very patient, helpful, and friendly. They called me honey, sweetie, and darlin. One of them even brought out a to-go container for the leftovers she was sure she would find on the table, but alas, there were none. :>)

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      Great the hear that Rocky & Carlo's is still rockin'. Decades ago in NO I only went a few times, but will always remember fondly the great mashed potato and gravy po'boy I had there. And it was the least favorite of mine of all that I've had there. The gravies, they are so good. Gravy on the roast beef. Yummmm.