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Aug 13, 2001 01:20 PM

Crawfish ????

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I am going to NO(The French Quarter) the 1st week of October and was looking forward to a mounded plate of Crawfish as they were out of season I was told when I was there 9 years ago in July.Judging from the posting that was asking if there were Crawfish in late October and the the news wasnt good.So I guess my question is if I do find a restaurant where they say the have fresh Crawfish should I take a chance that they are really fresh and order them or should I opt for another dish? Also if I were to find fresh crawfish in the Quarter served in the tradidtional NO way what would that place be ? Any advise would be appreciated.

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  1. In the quarter, the Acme Oyster House is as good a place as any for crawfish. In season they're excellent and much cheaper from smaller shops in the ninth ward/Quarter adjacent, however, in late October you won't be getting them "in season"...they'll have been farmed out from somewhere-or-another (locally, even? perhaps some other hound knows this info) or, god forbid, frozen. So if you're going to eat them out of season, eat them somewhere reputable.

    Whoever told you crawfish season wasn't in July was lyin' like a rug...they're just about the *only* way to hang onto your sanity during NOLA summers.

    1. The majority of the bugs served at this time of year are farm raised in taiwan and shipped frozen. don't bother.