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Aug 9, 2001 06:13 PM

Sports Bar

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Hi all. I've read alot of great restaurant suggestions, but haven't seen this subject addressed.

I will be in NO (staying in the French Quarter) during a weekend where watching a certain afternoon football game is a MUST! I am looking for a suggestion on a good place to park it for a few hours, watch some football, eat (of course!) and drink some brewskies. I really don't want a *sports* bar per se, but prefer a dive/hangout/local flavor type place where we can hang with locals and enjoy the game. We also may (not sure yet) need a place with satellite, in case the game is not locally televised.

Thanks for any suggestions - don't plan to spend my time in front of a TV, but it's MrWunnerful's birthday and no way is he going to miss this football game! lol

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  1. Not many sports bars per se around. Any hotel bar will have the game. Mike Ditka's bar area will no doubt have a game on, and they have satelite. The Ugly Dog Saloon has big screens and you get a lot of "local flavor". I know hotels doesn't sound great, some of them have great bars. A lot of bars on St. Charles will have games on too. Hope that helps. Mike Ditkas may be your best bet.

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      I know nothing about sports, but that seems to be what's playing on the huge screen every time I'm at the Ugly Dog Saloon (mentioned in the previous message), which has some of the city's best bbq -- pulled pork, brisket, etc. Two can get full for under $20, including beers. The Ugly Dog is in the Wherehouse District, which is the next one over from the French Quarter, and won't be much of a walk.

    2. The place you want is Cooter Brown's - in the riverbend area where St. Charles meets Carrollton.
      Well over 100 beers to choose from, pretty good bar food, oyster bar, etc. and plenty of TVs (also a satellite dish). Plus, you can take the streetcar there from the quarter.

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        My bad - the beer total at Cooter's is more like 400.

        Spent a few hours in there last Saturday watching college football & sampling the selection - including the appropriately named "Delirium Tremens" Belgian Ale - at 8.5% alcohol it packs quite a whallop.....