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Jul 30, 2001 04:14 PM

G.W. Fins

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Anyone eaten at this relatively new fish house? I'd like to know if it should be added to my "must visit" list.

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  1. I have not personally eaten here, but 3 separate fairly reliable people have told me that it is the best fish they have ever had.

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      Admittedly, the last two meals we had across the street from Fin's were both pre-ordered group events, but I do have fonder memories of the meal we had a G.W. Fins recently. The best part, nothing against the fish, was the mushroom tart. No surprise, the secret of the crust was lard -- at least that's what G.W., the head chef, said recently on a local TV food show I caught while at the barbershop. The mushrooms were thick and rich and not too salty.

    2. Management is all former Ruth's Chris execs. Place is superb.