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Jul 26, 2001 03:54 PM

Sante Fe Restaurant?

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has anyone been to Sante Fe on Frenchman Street?
Any suggestions on what to order?


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  1. Very good Southwestern/Mexican. The seafood chile rellano is packed with goodies, and I think it's the best thing on the menu. The margaritas also are very good; strong and not overly sweet.

    1. I ate there last night. Great service and good cocktails. The food,I found was a bit uneven. I ordered the crawfish tamales and they were a disappointment. It was a little roll of mas harina which was very bland, and had no filling. Then it was covered with lots of crawfish in a so so sauce. My companions had seafood combination and the tuna and they enjoyed theirs.

      1. please don't bother with this one. it's nothing but a Chili's with a "good" margarita. i had some fried chicken cordon blue looking thing that the waiter said was the best thing on the menu. there was nothing mexican about our meal. the room is a little dressed up for mexican anyway. the only mexican i can recommend is at tacqueria corona. i think the owners of this place are the only actual mexicans in all of NO.