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Jul 24, 2001 11:49 PM


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Friends just came back from NO and had high praise for Bozo's. I can only find one mention of it on this board and that was over a year ago. Can anyone offer any recent evaluations?

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    Henry Harmison

    Bozo's has had a reputation for the finest fried seafoods and the freshest, saltiest raw oysters for many, many years. I started eating there as a kid (I will be 59 next month) and I honestly cannot recall getting anything there I did not care for. The owner, Chris Vodanovich, has set strict controls in the kitchen to ensure that each meal sent out to the floor is nothing short of perfect. My own personal favorites are the raw oysters (naturally) and the fried catfish fillets with potato salad. There is also a chicken and andouille gumbo you should try next visit.

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      I love the fried oysters there. They're lightly coated with a cornmeal-type of batter and come out hot and crispy. Just be careful you don't burn your mouth. Also, and you wouldn't think of Bozo's as a place for this, their hamburger steak smothered with onions is delicious and I have several friends who go there just for that.