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Jul 19, 2001 04:27 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in New Orleans

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We are looking to do dinner for thanksgiving out in New orleans this year. Any ideas/recommendations/ open restaurants?? Thanks!!

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  1. Go to the Fair Grounds racetrack. Thanksgiving is the opening day of its horse racing season and many New Orleanians traditionally spend the holiday there. The food is much better than at your average racetrack, and you might even make enough money to pay for the meal.

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      I have a Fairgrounds Thanksgiving story from last year. I just barely managed to snag reservations at there for the buffet. If you want to eat there you need to check their website for the day when they will open reservations for "opening day". That day, start calling early --you might get in. So we had reservations there. Then, my picky brother-in-law decided that it might be better to eat at Begue's (at Royal Sonesta Hotel in French Quarter) and then go to the track after lunch--multiple scenary idea. He won out and we went to Begue's. The food there is just great, terrific variety and made all six of us food-loving native New Orleanians happy. The setting is ok, not the most lavish, but nice and very good service. Then we went to the Fairgrounds, and I will tell you that last year, what was left of the buffet that we could see was just no comparison to our lunch at Begue's. My advice: eat somewhere downtown and then got to the Fairgrounds, pay $1 to go in the clubhouse and have a great time watching the races.