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Jul 11, 2001 08:28 AM

Mr. B's or Palace Cafe for Sunday Brunch

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Which of these two is the better place for the Sunday Jazz Brunch. We don't really want to travel away from the FQ and want a casual atmosphere. So we have narrowed it down to these two - which is best?

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  1. I lived in NOLA from 1992-1999 and did the entire Brennan circuit multiple times. Mr. B's is consistently superior to Palace Cafe. Enjoy!

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    1. re: LPMartin

      Which would you pick if it were Mr. B's or Commander's Palace? We're visiting in Sept., 1st time.

      1. re: Mary

        Depends what you are looking for, Mary. If food quality were the only criterion, I'd go for Mr. B's.

        It's fun to trek out to Commander's Palace.

        Brunch is a specialty of Commander's Palace. In my opinion, much of the food is of the "if it's rich, it must be good" school, but others would disagree.

        CP is lovely, with some outdoor seating and some nice views of the outdoors from inside. If it's a hot, sweltering day in the summer, which is, er, likely, forget sitting outdoors.

        CP FEELS special, in a way that Mr. B's does not (it feels exactly like what it is called --a bistro).

        If these comparisons don't sway you toward CP, then I would go with Mr. B's, because the food is more consistent and it is cheaper and very friendly.

        I agree with other posters that Palace Cafe is definitely inferior to Mr. B's.

        1. re: Dave Feldman
          Mary (velvetfist)

          Thanks for the answer... though I'm still not sure which to pick. I checked out the menu online, and it sounds good... however, I just don't want it to be like Tavern on the Green -a very fancy, overrated catering hall.

          If you say that Com. Palace has better than normal hotel banquet food, then that's where I'll be. But please give me input... So far, I only have reservations for this and Bayona, Sat. night dinner. Planning to wing the rest... Uggies, Mothers, Acme, Jaques Imo, etc...

          1. re: Mary (velvetfist)


            I think CP is definitely better than a good catering hall. I just don't understand why some people I know consider it one of the best restaurants in N.O. (and I know some serious eaters who do).

            I use Mr. B's, often, as a fallback place. When I'm leading groups in food excursions at conventions, the place does a great job of serving large groups. When eaters aren't adventurous, Mr. B's is non-threatening. You can eat there in a suit or in shorts and not feel out of place.

            Your other choices sound fantastic. I think CP might fit in well with your plans -- it will feel special, and even if you don't find the food as good as Bayona's or Uggie's, there's nothing wrong with relaxing in beautiful surroundings and eating better food than you are likely to encounter in 98% of the restaurants in the U.S.

            1. re: Dave Feldman
              velvetfist (Mary)

              Can't wait... thank you for the advice. I think it'll be quite a nice brunch since I booked it for the last day of our trip. 11:30 am early brunch, then a chance for some last minute site-seeing or shopping (def. picking up a muff. and Zapps for the plane ride), a couple last dozen oysters, and then back to NJ at 7:30 pm.
              Bon appetit,

              1. re: velvetfist (Mary)
                Gerald McGowin

                This thread is unsatisfactory. We need closure.

                Where did you in fact go and what was your reaction?

                I go to Mr B's more than any other place in New Orleans. Wonderful. But Commander's is, in my opinion, the best restaurant in New Orleans.

                1. re: Gerald McGowin
                  velvetfist Mary

                  Hey, I didn't leave y'all hanging... I just haven't gone yet. I finally settled on making 2 reservations: for Commander's and Bayona. I lost much of my appetite last week, with all the tragedies... but still looking forward to the Cresent City.

                  Will give full report upon return, promise.

                  Also, slightly OT- looking forward to visiting Hove -a perfume boutique in the FQ.