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Jul 10, 2001 11:12 AM

Saturday Lunch in NO

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Husband and I are making a weekend trip to New Orleans. We are planning on Uglesich's for lunch on Fri. (first time), Irene's for dinner Friday night, Jacques Imo's Saturday night, and can't figure anywhere for lunch on Saturday. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also, for Sunday brunch we ALWAYS go to Ct. of Two Sisters. I know I don't see much about it on here, perhaps it's sentimental, but I just love the grits & grillades and their eggs benedict made right in front of you. Also, the mimosas aren't half bad. Thoughts on Ct. of 2 sister welcome!

Thanks in advance for your tips!

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  1. Lunch on Saturday's is always tough, especially in the Quarter. Galatoire's is open and is often my choice. Make a reservation and you'll be seated upstairs. Lunch business in general on a Saturday is slow.

    Neighborhood joints work well though. You may want to try Liuzza's on Bienville near Mercy Hospital.

    1. If you are going any time in the next few months, you should call Uglesich's ahead of time. They will be closed for most of July and August.

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        Thanks for the heads up - I'll give 'em a call. Any suggestions for Friday lunch? :(

        1. re: Laura

          Why don't you try Bayona? It's one of the best restaurants in NO and it's quite casual and affordable for lunch. It's great for dinner, too, but it can run into mucho $$$$ then. When I lived there, that's where I would go for a special lunch.

          1. re: Ira Kaplan

            If your a New Yorker don't go to Bayona. Yes the food is good and the locals love it. But its the same food you can get in N.Y. Why travel 1200 miles for a meal you can get around the corner?. Go to Mr. B's for BBQ shrimp and Brigtsens for oyster Rockerfeller soup.

            1. re: Large Man

              I disagree. You might be able to find in New York dishes like: layered crayfish and spinach crepe with lemon butter; or shrimp and cornbread stuffed quail; or creamy crayfish pie; or pecan crusted rabbit. But Susan Spicer's cooking is worth travelling 1,200 miles for, and the spices and regional ingredients she uses will make it a worthwhile experience for a visiting New Yorker. I would never discourage anyone from going to Mr. B's or Brigtsens, but going to Bayona is every bit the New Orleans experience as going to those restaurants.

              1. re: Large Man

                Actually, I'm from Louisiana. Only an hour away from N.O. and have to take advantage of being so close to such a great food city. I try to get there once a year at least and have tried all the usuals over the years. Spreading my wings this time I hope.

        2. Get to Jaque-imos before July 27. theirr closing until sept. On aug 2 they will be preparing a dinner in New York for the James Beard Foundation.

          1. You might try Feelings Cafe D'Aunoy in the Faubourg. I have sunday brunch there often -- it's in a very old building and you get fine New Orleans cuisine in a laid back but refined atmosphere. Clientele is all adult and can get festive. The wait staff are very pleasant and the food is consistly excellent and not too pricey.