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Jul 9, 2001 12:35 PM

summer hotels

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I'd appreciate hearing how Jamie, or anyone else, liked Maison Dupuy. My wife and I are having NO withdrawals and plan to go down sometime in the next month or two. We've recently stayed at the Monteleone (dingy; even being only steps from Acme isn't enough), a cottage at Maison de Ville (everyone must do this at least once!), and the Royal Orleans (probably the best value of the three; tiny rooms but great location).

The Maison Dupuy always seems to have good rates. We stopped in the lobby last time we were there and it looked nice, but the Monteleone is a great example of how that can be deceiving. Can anyone comment, or know any other good values we should check? All monies saved on lodging will be applied directly to food!

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  1. Hi! Stayed at the Hotel Provincial on Chartres last July. Going back for more next week! Great hotel, in a quiet part of the Quarter. I think we paid about 90$ a night. Lovely room, pool and plenty of money left over for eatin'!!!! I have never stayed at the Montleone, although I loved the bar....seems like there is no need to go any further!

    1. We usually stay at either Prince Conti, Hotel St. Marie, or Place d'Armes. (All same chain and all in the Quarter.) I think we enjoyed the Place d'Armes best - right near Jackson Square, pretty courtyard with pool. All have great service and very reasonable rates - usually less than $100.

      We are planning a trip for this weekend and will be staying at Chateau Dupre on Decatur for $69/night. Location looks great. Wanted to have more money for food! Will let you know how it is.

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        How were the rooms at the Place D Armes? We have a res. there in aug. Whats this I here about no windows?

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          Come to think of it, on one stay we did have an "interior" (inferior) room with no windows. However, it did not hinder our enjoyment of the trip because we were out and about mostly & too bleary eyed to notice the room by the time we made it back. The location is super and the courtyard is great. We did get a lower room rate since it didn't have windows. There are plenty of rooms with windows there. Hope you get one!

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          My wife and I stayed at the Prince Conti for a couple of nights this past October. The price was right, but the room was wrong. When we travel we tend to try to save some money on the accomodations so we can splurge on the meals. Usually this strategy finds us in a adequate but far from fancy room. While that description applies to our room at the Prince Conti, there were some other issues that made the room at the Prince Conti fair at best.

          Our room at the Prince Conti was on the "antique" floor which supposedly means all the rooms on this floor are decorated with antiques. I say its a lame attempt to make old, dreary, beaten up furniture sound charming. The bed made such loud creaking noises that made it tough to sleep. Also, the hotel allows smoking in ALL the rooms which needless to say was off putting.

          FWIW, I've heard much better things about the Place D'Armes.

        3. I stayed at the Maison Dupuy last September and loved it. Great location and service with a very nice courtyard with a pool. The rooms were nice too. Nothing to swoon over, but nicely appointed and spotless. In fact, I liked it so much I'm staying there again this October.

          1. Well, Ross, I just got back from New Orleans a few hours ago and I have nothing but praise for Maison Dupuy. We had a king deluxe room w/ balcony which was absolutely beautiful and spotlessly clean (very important to me).

            The service was impeccable from the desk clerks to the maids to the bellmen. I usually travel with my husband, but this was a "girls only" vacation, and the staff went out of their way to meet any needs we had. They were formal but friendly, as was the hotel itself. We especially enjoyed an early casual dinner in the lounge last night while watching "Pretty Woman" with the bartender. To be able to kick off your shoes and sink into a soft leather sofa after a long day of sightseeing was a plesure! So was the pool. I think we'd have collapsed without it.

            Do not miss having dinner at Dominique's. We loved the goat cheese wrapped in phyllo and the aquavit-citrus cured salmon appetizers, and I had the sweetbreads and my friend had the lamb, and they were both fabulous. The cappamisu is also a must have! We are from Pennsylvania, a two hour drive from New York City, but the drive will be worth it when Dominique opens his restaurant there.

            You can't go wrong staying at Maison Dupuy; I highly recommend it!

            I was very suprized at your description of The Monteleone. Is it that bad? We had planned to use it as a backup on our next visit if we couldn't get into Maison Dupuy especially because of it's location.

            I could really use a dozen oysters right about now...

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            1. re: Jayme

              Thanks Jayme, glad to hear you had a great trip.

              I wouldn't necessarily dissuade anyone from staying at the Monteleone, it just wasn't as nice as we had expected. I will say that the staff is most gracious (for instance, I think I had casually mentioned when making the reservations that it was going to be our first anniversary; there was fresh fruit, a decent bottle of wine and a nice card in the room when we checked in). The location is great if you want to be in the heart of the madness, but most of the places we like are farther to the north and east. We manage to rationalize eating furiously for several days by walking essentially every moment we're not eating (usually about a 50/50 split!). It always seems like we pass the Royal Orleans ten times a day, and only pass the Monteleone for thrice daily oyster breaks at Acme. I'm like you in that I'd generally rather have a decent clean room than a spectacular but dirty one. It wasn't as if the Monteleone was "dirty," more like just in need of some serious sprucing up.

              You've sold me on Maison Dupuy. Now we've got to pick a weekend and start planning our feast-itinerary. We keep saying that we'll stay outside the Quarter as soon as we've checked off everywhere on our FQ "must eat" list. But I can't imagine when that will be?

              1. re: Ross

                While hotel rates are low during the heat of summer, few people take advantage of a similarly good value in mid-December. Not only do the better New Orleans hotels offer bargains at this time, it is also relatively easy to secure restaurant reservations during this "slow", pre-Christmas period. It's worth keeping in mind.

                1. re: Forkin Mouth

                  Funny you should say that, because Christmas is when we usually go. I went to school at Tulane in the early 80s (or, rather, was "enrolled" there; the fruits of the city proved too great a hindrance to my academic pursuits at the time), but my wife has never been other than in December and January.

                  The concerts in St. Louis Cathedral (most every night in December) are wonderful, if not strangely under-attended, and candlelight caroling in Jackson Square (I believe it's always the Sunday before Christmas) is great fun even for people like me who are better off listening to music than actively participating in it.

                  Last December we had no trouble getting weekend dinner reservations at Peristyle and Bayona. And not only are the hotel rates and crowds reasonable, but the weather is decent, too. The temperature is hit or miss--it might be 78 one day and low 40s the next night--but in our last three visits we never had more than a few drops of rain. My wife will be in for a real treat when she meets NO in August!

                2. re: Ross

                  I'm glad I sold you on Maison Dupuy, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's far away enough from the noise and the godawful stench of Bourbon Street, but close enough to walk anywhere. (I've added my email address, so I'll look forward to hearing from you after your stay.)

                  Also, if you're two blocks off Bourbon Street, you can eat two extra dozen oysters because you'll be walking them off!!

                  Enjoyed a few dozen and a po'boy at Acme, but got better ones at Redfish Grill. We had them for dessert there one night, and couldn't resist stopping for a dozen each on our way to Commander's Palace. Sustenance for the streetcar!

                  Have a great time, and have a dozen for me!