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Jun 28, 2001 08:05 PM

day in New Orleans

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I am surprising someone with a trip to New Orleans just for the day in August for his birthday. We are flying in from Houston and flying out late that evening. Anyone have any suggestions on where to have a nice, fun meal to celebrate? Someone told me the Red Room would be an excellent place. Any other ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Okay, I have read a lot of the posts and it seems Bayona is a choice, but any comments on the Red Room? Anyone been there? Food and Wine raved about it. I only have that one evening there this time and I want it to be a memorable experience, so someone please help. Elegant, romantic and great food--that is what I am after. He is basically being kidnapped and the entire trip is a surprise. When I pull in to the airport in Houston he is going to flip. I want it to be a great memory. Also, since time is of the essence, reservations are probably a good idea, so I need a place that accepts those. Many thanks to anyone who responds.

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      I have no wisdom to provide on the Red Room. I have, however, found Tom Fitzmorris's site to be helpful, and I've given you a link to read his review.


    2. I haven't been to the Red Room . . . Frankly, it sounds too RED for me . . . but it's known as a place for elegant dancing. The structure was formerly a part of the Eiffel Tower, believe it or not. Don't know about the food. But post your question on the Times-Picayune's food forum (see link below)and no doubt you will get responses from those who have been there.

      Another romantic and beautiful possibility would be Bella Luna, which has a stunning view of the Mississippi river. Opinions seem to be divided on the food. I've had a couple of very good experiences there, and they have a web site so you could check out the menu. Bayona is certainly one of our finest restaurants, but not really a quintessentially New Orleans experience, as Susan Spicer's food is more Modern American than strictly New Orleanian.