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Jun 22, 2001 06:33 PM

Just got back

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2 places for hounds:

Mama Lo's
A shack next to the Mississippi. 20 minutes west of the airport. Crawfish for $2/lb. Fresh and spicy. And Mama is a Great Lady. Take the Airport Highway to I-310, get off at Route 48 (before the bridge) and go east. It'll be on your right at about 5 miles.

Kermit Ruffins
And Kermit Ruffin's club. I was there last Sunday. The music was fantastic starting at 4. Kermit's friends all stop in to jam. And you get all the BBQ you can eat (cooked by Kermit himself) included in the $6 cover. When are they going to do this in New York?

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