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Jun 11, 2001 12:11 AM


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When I lived in NOLA in 1995 the roast beef po'boys at Parasol in the Irish Channel coundn't be beat by a mile. I drove from Atlanta two years later just to introduce my fiancee to the red beans and rice at Ditcharo's on Tulane and a po'boy at Parasol's only to set off the alarm trying to open the door to Parasol's. Why is it gone? And where can I get a similar roast beef? Please help; it was the best sandwich ever...

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  1. I believe that Parasol's is still open. You may have just gone on an off day. Although I must be honest and tell you that since I don't live uptown it isn't a place that I visit. Most neighborhoods have lost their po-boy shops, but uptown has managed to keep many of theirs, so if you want to see the real thing you are in the right area.

    As for Ditcharo's I've lived here my whole life and have never heard of the place. Where on Tulane is it?

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      There is a Ditcharo's at 640 Carondelet, a funky two-story bar/cafe with the usual po-boys and some daily specials, sometimes including beans and rice. I've been for lunch a few times. There is also a listing for an Original Ditcharo's Sandwich Shop at 1116 Tulane Avenue. I don't know anything about it or whether the two are related.

      1. re: Mark T.

        Ditcharo's is on the south side of Tulane, a few blocks toward the river from the Charity Hospital. I used to go there every so often for lunch. Nothing more than an average po-boy.

        1. re: Jim Benzian

          Actually, I agree that the po'boys at Ditcharo's are not that great. What I was raving about were the Monday red beans and rice and what a deal they are.

        2. re: Mark T.

          parasols is "under new management" actually run my some westbankers with italian names. for one really good roast beef poboy go over to liuzza's by thr track, not the one off carrolton. they have this garlic studded roast beef there that is not swimming in some sorry gravy. they also do a real corned beef hash the morning after they serve coned beef. the list goes on... its one of my favorite spots.

          1. re: Mark T.

            Last time I was at Parasol's---under the new management---I vowed not to go again. There goes another Real N'Awlins bit of my youth. Nothing against the new guys--some can, some can't. Some can learn so I should give 'em five years and go back.

            I agree on Liuzza's although I enjoy the other one, too (but not for the same thing)