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Jun 7, 2001 04:57 PM

Help-I've eaten and I can't get up!

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The side view mirror at the Hilton revealed that my worst fear had come true. After five days of business in NOLA my girlish figure had accumulated a nice pot, not surprisingly, right in the area of the culprit - my stomach. But every great party town has it price. In Las Vegas it's debt, unless you're lucky. In NOLA - it's the bulge, unless you have a tapeworm. Here's why...

Uglesich's. Every serious diner lodges fond memories of great eateries in their brain. For me it had been the No-Name in Boston before they installed the potted plants twenty years ago. Move over No-Name. Uglesich's moved to the top. A challenging location, frumpy appearance, mom and pop behind the counter (I asked if they would adopt me), earthy help, and the best damn seafoood in town - my dream restaurant. Let me just say, that at noon each day now, I face myself in the direction of Uglesich's and touch my head to the floor three times.

Now about their location, unless you were raised in Mayberry RFD, you will not find it as bad as some here have described. Have no fear. We took a cab there, but took the trolley back after concluding that this is not a war zone. In fact there are signs of neighborhood renovation. For NOLA entrepeneurs - what a great food mecca this could become...MOSCAs II, mini Mr. B - you get the picture,

From downtown take the St. Charles trolley and get off at ERATO. Look for the Wendy's and Popeyes on your right coming from downtown. Keeping Popeyes on your right, proceed up that street for about two blocks. The pearly gates will be on your right.

With places like this, it's hard to understand why convention attendees park themselves in the food court either at the hall or the Riverwalk. How do I say it politely, well, they're idiots. Within walking distance they could try..

Mothers. Named after the help, but they had to shorten the name so as not to offend. Oh sure, I got the "debris" poboy and loved it, but why did I leave the place feeling like I had an anxiety disorder. Was it the fact that the staff was unfriendly, and impatient with neophytes? Those marines on the wall - have them put the staff down for a quick twenty. There is nothing wrong with a blue-collar atmosphere, but hey clean this place up and train the staff in customer appreciation. Or just deliver. Somebody correct me if I'm off base here. And the bottom of the sub disintegrated by sitting in a lake of au jus. Is that normal?

Dinner at Bayona was as expected - fabulous. Nice decor, great service, sophisticated menu [yawn here].
As you can tell I prefer colorful places like Uglies where you can find the owner negotiating with a local fisherman over his catch. My favorite "joint" is a local pizza joint in Boston where on a weekend night it's not uncommon to find the loser of a street fight, come in bleeding an order a large slice with extra cheese. Better than the movies.
Back to Bayona - the garlic soup is killer, but for Pete's sake put it in something larger than a thimble. It's like serving a Hurricane in a dixie cup. Can I have more sir?

Sunday brunch? The wife and I loved The Court of Two Sisters. It has an assembly-line feel to it, but sitting in that courtyard drinking a Mimosa, is one of those lasting memories I've been talkng about. Hmmm - I can still taste the omelette.

You cannot go wrong at Mr. B's. Great dinner there. If you like chocalate desserts, they have two that had me nibbling into the plate I wanted the last crumb so bad.

I heard that Irene's is a treat, but was unable to fit it in. Worth a try anyone?

New Orleans - it's been twenty years - thank's again for the memories.

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  1. "My favorite "joint" is a local pizza joint in Boston where on a weekend night it's not uncommon to find the loser of a street fight, come in bleeding an order a large slice with extra cheese."

    Okay, I'm curious...which one is it? My guess is Santarpio's.

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    1. re: Rumcoconuts

      Little Steve's on Boyleston and Mass Ave. Large slice and a Bud for under $4.

      1. re: Ted M


        Wow Ted - u are good. I thought it was on Brookline Ave, but now that I look at a map, I believe you nailed it! I had to stumble back across the river on Mass. Ave. That's it exactly. It's been so long! Thanks for reply. Don't you love places where you can eat and take in a free show!


        1. re: Glen M

          To fuse a Mass. and LA question together, given the chance, would you guys take Emeril back? Don't you have a patriotic duty to do all that you can to return your native son to his roots?

          1. re: Mark T.

            Aw, c'mon, he's not that bad. I've been to Nola twice and rather enjoyed myself. The duck and brie pizza appetizer was outstanding, as was the dirty martini. :) Have never been to Emeril's though.

          2. re: Glen M

            My appreciation for the place is much more utilitarian. In 93 or 94 my friend was living around the corner. She had a entry level job that barely covered rent and dry cleaning. She lived on Little Steve's pizza for about 6 months. One slice was huge and she would take it home and save half of it for the next day.

            I believe Little Steve's is responsible for keeping thousands of college students alive.

            1. re: Ted M

              Ahhh Little Steve's. We affectionaltely referred to it as marijuana's, but I have no idea why. Back in the 70's, we also used to go to Regina's in the north end. Before they branched out. And back then, Steve's could only mean ice cream in Somerville. Yummm!! And I do remember the No Name as well. What a great place it was. BYOB and fresh seafood, not much else. Of course cajun and creole were unheard of back then. I personally indoctrinated/initiated a few students into the joys of scallions, peppers, celery, and thyme. But I could tell you many stories about Litle Steve's. Say hi to Felix if he is still making pizzas there!

        2. re: Rumcoconuts


          You are a true chowhound! Santarpio's - just the thought of the garlic pizza there has me drooling on my keyboard.

          But the place I'm referring to was on a corner outside of Fenway Park (I think on Brookline Ave). Twenty years ago I made it a habit to go to a place called Spit - a punk dance place. Invariably, afterwards we'd go to that pizza joint nearby and take in "a show". Truly an unforgettable dining experience.

          Oh to be young again.

          1. re: Glen M

            but I have also been to Spit. During my young and crazy days I acted young and crazy. What a wild place!

        3. I have to stop reading these NOLA posts! Once again I'm kicking myself for not making it to Uglesich's in December! (Well, we made it there, but it was dinner time and of course it was closed. The neighborhood is pretty desolate at night.)

          Have to say I disagree about the staff at Mother's -- I was there three times and didn't find them particularly offensive. (Disclaimer: I'm from NYC)