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Jun 4, 2001 11:52 AM

fine restaurants

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I'm taking my fiance to N.O. for his 30th birthday and only want to eat at fine restaurants. I don't want to visit chains like "Ruth's Chris Steak House" because I have those here in NYC. Can anyone recommend anything a little classier than the local food joint?

Thanks a bunch! :) Meri

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  1. Meri: If you'll go to the homepage, you'll see the search feature for Chowhound. Just plug New Orleans into the space and click on "chew". Be prepared to put your feet up, and spend the rest of the day reading first-hand experiences from 'hounds who've been there. pat

    1. Meri,

      I found Bayona to be a very fine "take-the fiance" type restaurant. Funny - I went in a jacket n tie expecting it to be very upscale, however a bunch of conventioners walk in, some dressed in long sleeved T-shirts proclaiming their favorite football teams! They ended up trying to teach their Japanese associates the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". If I was an up-pity lawyer I might have complained. [Only joking guys]