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May 25, 2001 04:58 PM

Commander's Palace????/July Oysters??

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There must be LOADS of comments in the past about this place-----so I am asking for a recent update.....I hear such extremes in opinons about it. Is it worth it??? Would I be much better off someplace else??
Also: Am I risking my very LIFE eating oysters in the month without the 'R'???? Is it a myth?? They are so hard to resist-but I don't want to spend my entire trip in the hotel! Please advise!!!

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  1. There was a time in my life when Commander's was the obvious choice for any celebration in our family. At least three or four times a year we would go as a large group, maybe a dozen, mostly for lunch, always having the most festive time, great food and extraordinary service. Something to behold. I'd go another three times a year for dinner, mostly when friends from out of town would come in and demand to eat there. Who can blame them?

    Lately though, with each passing meal, I can tell you that the feeling for the place has been diminished. It is a restaurant in a decline. Still a grand restaurant, mind you, but years ago when one marveled at how Commander's could serve so many meals per day without a problem, today has the same people seeing problems and pointing to the large operation as the responsible party. It would be nearly impossible to continue on a high for decades. Remember that Commander's is a huge restaurant, probably with more seats than any in the city.

    Commander's always had two things going for it - service and value. The value was more so in their lunch menu but dinner had its spots too. Sevice though now is far below their normal standards, a labor shortage to blame I would guess, and prices, especially for dinner, seem to be on the high side, with entrees well into the upper twenties. Few people talked about Commander's food. It was always the service and beauty of the restaurant operation that impressed people the most. This though is not unusual in non-chef owned restaurants although the kitchen at Commander's certainly producued as many star chefs as any in the city, if not the country.

    If you've never been to Commander's do go. It is a splendid institution, worty of a visit. Just don't be expecting a great dining experience. When the restaurant is off, it is very off. On most nights it is still is one of the ten best restaurants in the city but for years, decades even, most people would have put it at that top spot, without reservation.

    Regarding oysters if you see them on the menu you can assume that they are safe to eat. I've never known anyone who has gotten ill from eating oysters. Not a a single person.

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      I do know one person who got sick from eating oysters in July, although it might have something to do with the fact that he ate 12 *dozen* raw oysters. Could be. :)

      You'll be fine.

      Blue skies,