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May 8, 2001 03:54 PM

My itinerary, Waddya think?

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Monday brunch/lunch Commanders
dinner Acme

Tuesday 10am Brennans
dinner Brigsten's

Wednesday lunch Uglesich
dinner Peristyle

Thursday lunch Bayona
dinner ? Will there be space?

Any advice, suggestions or warnings would be appreciated. I will be going June 4 - 8.


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  1. Monday- good choices
    Tuesday - WARNING - skip Brennan's (read Jim's piece on Tav. on Green - similar - OK food at Bren. is far superior, but you get the point). Try Galatoire's if you desire traditional creole ortry Nola, Palace Cafe or Gerard's
    Wed-great picks (get to Uggie's early)
    Thurs- if you have space in stomach for dinner, try Jaques-Imo's or Datnte's kitchen (right by Brigsten's) or Martinique on Magazine St. or Gerard's Downtown)

    1. If you feel you must go to Commander's then lunch is the best choice as you will save a hell of a lot of money, plus their faults aren't as obvious in the light of day. The restaurant is having problems these days. Still the great dame of our city's restaurants.

      Acme isn't really a dinner destination. You should just plan to pop in when running around the corner in the heat of early June and wanting a few beers and a dozen oysters (or two.) Do not get anything but the oysters. Best to eat them at the oyster bar too. The dining room is a world apart. Best to go at about three in the afternoon.

      Brad's advice on Brennan's is solid. I'd skip. Too expensive and way overdone. Only very experienced New Orleans diners with great connections seem to eat well there. I'm not in that number either. Dinner is their best meal though. Don't ever take in the breakfast or the brunch. Never.

      Brigsten's is one of my favorites, and you will not go wrong. Many of the waitresses there have been with Frank and Marna since day one (or so they seem like it.) Probably the best examples of Louisiana cuisine in the city. Excellent value. Don't be afraid of ordering what you think are plain dishes, such as chicken, as you will be greatly surprised. A true master.

      Regarding Uglescih's, get there very early. I'm talking about eleven in the morning or just when they open up. They get packed with a CBD crowd fast, and if you are in line forget about it. You won't have a good time. While there don't talk. Just listen to others. For some reason the dishes at Ugleschih's bring out the best in people. You may end up dancing. Who knows.

      Do you already have reserations for Peristyle? Very difficult to get. Many locals have given up on Peristyle for that reason. The few times I've called lately I was not treated well. Their following is very strong and being a small reastaurant they can afford to be as such. I may never have another meal there again. Sad.

      Bayona is an excellent lunch choice; much better than dinner. Ask to sit outside. Listen to the specials and order accordingly. Spicer's strength is in those specials which she'll often prepare herself. A top five restaurants for a good seven years. Long meals too. Be prepared for a two hour lunch. Strong wine list. Spend your dollars on that list; good value.

      Brad knows his stuff and his telling you to go to Jaques-I-Mo's is right on target. Gerard's is wonderful too. Reservations are going to be easier to get in early June. This is the beginning of the dead season. Too hot.

      Where will you be staying? Any more questions, please just ask. You sound like the kind of visitor the city needs more of: intelligent and thoughtful diners. You'll do well. Thanks for sharing your picks.