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May 8, 2001 10:14 AM

Need to choose

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Appreciate comments on:
palace cafe

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  1. Brigtsen's and Upperline are two places we try to go to every time we visit NO.

    The food at Brigtsen's is probably a skosh better, but Upperline is certainly no slouch. Service is warm and gracious at both. Neither will empty your wallet as fast as, say, Emeril's might.

    Neither is touristy. Upperline in particular is a locals' favorite. Both are located on quiet streets (Brigtsen's on Dante St. in the Riverbend neighborhood, Upperline on Upperline St. Uptown; and yes, there is a Lowerline St. a few blocks away). Both are streetcar accessible.

    Bayona is an excellent restaurant, but the cuisine is not especially indigenous.

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    1. re: Bob W.

      its true that both upperline and brigtsen's are streetcar accessible, but they are not ON the streetcar line, so get directions. brigtsen's is three blocks of the line at the maple street stop -- neighborhood is safe, though. upperline is 1 and a half blocks off the line at , yep, upperline. btw, lowerline is more than a 'couple' of blocks away. its at least a mile, maybe more ... finally, the palace IS on the streetcar line, at the turnaround on canal st. ... it is also easily one of the top restaurants in town, though your list is a tough one ...

      1. re: rlandry

        Yeah, I just threw in that thing about Upperline and Lowerline Sts. as an amusing aside. Of course they are more than a couple blocks apart, since they were two of the four boundaries of a "faubourg" (i.e., suburb) that was later incorporated into the city of New Orleans.

      2. re: Bob W.

        Good point about Bayona not being representative of regional cuisine, although you will never go wrong under Susan Spicer's wing. A very enjoyable lunch venue, especially in Spring; although I believe that Spicer is a cold weather chef, having her way with winter vegetables. If anyone in New Orleans should open up a vegetarian restaurant it would be her. If you want modern Louisiana cooking stick with Brigsten's.

        One restaurant that was not mentioned which is between Upperline and Brigsten's is Clancy's. Difficult to secure reservations at times, as it is popular with the Unversity crowd, but if you can, you will have a delightful meal. Strong on duck and softshell crabs. Christian's in Mid-City is a fine alternative if you can't get into Clancy's. Men are to wear jackets at both of these restaurants.

        I've never had dinner at Palace Cafe. As a local I think of it as strictly a lunch spot.

      3. I dined at Bayona while visiting N.O. last year. The food and the service were excellent. I highly reccomend it.