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Apr 27, 2001 11:27 AM

Which Vietnamese?

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Passing mention has been made on these boards about good Vietnamese in (and in close prox to) N.O. Specifically, where are the best, and what are their specialties?


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  1. 9 Roses, on the westbank in Gretna (only a few min from downtown) has the best offerings imho. over 400 menu items, so there's a huge list to choose from.

    My special picks . . . #2235 chargrilled porked wraped in rice noodles with beansprouts, mint, cilantro and fried onions. Delish! Then the Vietnamese crepe, chargrilled mussells in butter sauce, clay pot pork with eggplant,, chargrilled beef, shrimp, chicken appetizer, spring rolls just to name a few of my favorites.

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      nine roses is very good, but for a somewhat more down-home vietnamese feel, i would recommend pho tau bay, which is quite nearby ... other side of the expressway, 113-C Westbank Expwy, Gretna ... nine roses has kind of a big-menu-for-the-americans feel to it ... pho tau bay is almost always full of vietnamese, for the food and the prices. if you aren't in the mood for the pho or some of the entrees, try the sandwiches. they make their own baguettes and put vietnamese style fixings on them. yum. i also recommend kim son, another excellent viet restaurant on the west bank (they are in the phone book) -- most of the good ones are on that side of the river cuz a large vietnamese fishing community has sprung up in the area south of n.o. ... warning: if it is an authentic vietnamese restaurant, it will be closed sundays; almost all the vietnamese down here are good catholics!

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        I'm looking for the Vietnamese open market that happens on Saturdays. Any idea where it is?

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          It has been years since I have been there (10), but there was an open market in New Orleans east, by a sub-division call LaSalle or Lafayette Estates. It only lasted for a few hours in the early morning, like 6 or 7am to 10am. I did the internet search thingy for restaurants nearby and think I figured out that it was on Alcee Fortier Blvd, just off Chef Menteur Hwy.

          I found the area long ago by accident when I was looking for an industrial site. The open market was held on the south east bank of the Michoud Bayou, between the strip mall and the bayou.

          Last time I saw the area around the bayou it definately was reminiscent of the mekong delta.

          At the least there are several Vietnamese restaurants, cafes, grocers there if the market is no longer or has moved. I had been going to the area for a few years when once I happened on the market. But I must admit I did not benefit from the market since I was barely ready to clean my own fish, much less consider buying one of the big healthy looking live chickens one aging lady had for sale.

          Let us know if you check it out and what you find.


    2. As is correctly pointed out Nine Roses is the current king of Vietnamese food in New Orleans but Pho Tau Bay is everyone's pick when in shorts and a t-shirt. Pho Tau Bay just opened a second location somewhere in Metairie. I wish they'd open one in my neighborhood, Mid-City, but we can just wait.

      New Orleans has been a major entry point for Vietnamese into the US since 1975, mainly because of Catholic Charities pouring a ton of money into this relief project. You would have thought that by now you'd have dozens of Vietnamese restaurants. Slow to mature I guess; money always a problem.