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Apr 25, 2001 09:40 PM

Some out of the way places

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One of the newer places that has been really good: Dick and Jenny's on Tchoupatoulis near Napolean...very good, but no reservations, go early or be prepared to eat late. Abita Brew Pub in Abita Springs...barbeque crab claws. Surprise! lots of their food is flavored with their beers. Good sandwiches too. La Provence on the northshore on hwy. 190 between Mandeville and Slidell...closer to Mandeville...and worth every moment of the drive. Sid Mar's in Bucktown on Orpheum St...a really old time New Orelans seafood house, even if it is in Jefferson Parish...mostly fried and boiled. Schaefer's in Slidell, on 190 also...another downhome place, mostly fried, but the best gumbo and turtle soup within a half mile of my front door. Good seafood poboys too. Here's another hint...want good boiled crawfish? Then go to a neighborhood out the pot for two bucks a pound, and you can eat em at home, in the park or on the seawall at the lake.

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  1. you better not be posting this on company time, bubby ... if so, you owe me a couple pounds of those crawfish