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Mar 26, 2004 01:27 AM

SEA - Looking for good Thai if I can't go to Issaquah...

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I've seen lots of posts about Noodle Boat in Issaquah, but aren't there some good options for Thai food in Seattle proper? Buddha Ruksa & Chilies Paste have gotten some attention - are they the best? What about the restaurant in the Bangkok House space in the ID?

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  1. Krittika on Latona just a few doors south of 65th (near Greenlake) is my favorite. My favorite dish is the Spicy Noodles-wide rice noodles with chili sauce and vegetables. MOst Thai places have this on their menu (I forget the Thai name), and "vegetables" usually means onions and broccoli. At Krittika you get a perfectly cooked assortment of all kinds of veggies.

    I haven't been to Chilis but I am so underwhelmed by every other Thai place in Fremont/Wallingford/Ballard/Greenwood.

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      You've got to try Chilies Paste. Nobody goes there and I was wondering if the popular places in Fremont were even better. So, we decided to try the crowded one (I won't name it, but here's a hint-it's only three letters and if you put "alai" after it, you've got a Basque sport played with a hand basket and small rubber ball). Final analysis after trying a few staple dishes-way less than mediocre; will never go again.
      Actually, went to Chilies Paste yesterday and found a dish I thought was only so-so. That was the Mee Krob. But, you can't go wrong with the Tom Kah Kai, the Green Bean Spaghetti Curry, Phad Thai, etc...Give the place a try and write back.

    2. Have you tried Thai Dusit in the U-District (2510 NE Blakeley)? I wouldn't say it's the best Thai restaurant I've ever been to, but I've found it to be better than average (I went there frequently last year while going to school). Not everything there is great, but it is my #1 choice for peanut sauce (swimming angel) with better spices than other places (my next recommendation for swimming angel is Thai Kitchen on Mercer Island). The phad thai is pretty good at Thai Dusit, as is the curry (curry is not extremely spicy, but I do not request it to be so). The biggest disappointment to me is the phad khing (ginger) that is normally my favorite dish, but not here. It just seems too bland.

      In the ID I like Tropics (606 S. Weller St.), but I have not have not had the opportunity to try any other Thai places there. Tropics has a good menu selection, I like the phad khing (even though I don't think it's even on the menu), and desserts are great (try the black sticky rice with coconut milk).

      By the way, Thai Dusit can be pretty pricey unless you go at lunch time (11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri.).


      1. Thai of Wedgwood gets my vote. Its (where else?) in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle on 35th Avenue NE, just north of 75th Street. Flavorful, fairly inexpensive and fast. And they deliver.

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          I haven't tried Thai of Wedgwood, but Buddha Ruksa in West Seattle is fantastic!!

        2. this may not help, but I have found Royal Orchid on Rainier Ave in Renton (just past Renton AIrport) to be quite good. They have some really interesting chicken balls wrapped in Ti leaves and deep fried. They had a few dishes which were quite unique. Haven't been in while so this isn't the strongest reccomendation............Just come to Issaquah, we don't bite (hard)

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            I live 110 miles from Noodle Boat, but plan most of my Seattle trips to arrive in Issaquah at lunch time so I can visit my favorite place. However, if I am anywhere near the U district for lunch, I like to visit Mar Lai on Sandpoint. It is a very different experience from Noodle Boat, but I really enjoy the food.

          2. The U-district has a new Thai restaurant, that is wonderful. It's called "Thai 65" and is located between 42nd and 43rd on the Ave., east side of the street. I've had most of the lunch combos, and they do a uniformly great job with all. I've not had dinner there, but the lunches are enough to instill nothing but confidence.