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Apr 23, 2001 08:56 PM


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Are Emerill's joints really all that? I mean, is it worth it to get reservations at either Emerill's, Nola's or Delmonico's?

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  1. I like NOLA. Emeril's is very good, but very expensive. Nola's is a much better value. The food is great at both though. Skip Delmonico's. I don't no if it's the building but that has always been overpriced and not very good no matter who owned it.

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    1. Of all of the Emeril restaurants it is NOLA where locals are most likely to visit. Please remember though that many locals don't really care for Emeril and his chain of restaurants and will only walk into one of his places if they have friends from out of town who just have to visit an Emeril property.

      The prices at the Emeril restaurants are hard to swallow. For many here Emeril's and his other restaurants are simply for the tourists.