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Apr 16, 2001 07:08 PM

No reservations required....

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Headin down next week for the Jazz Fest.

Was wondering what are some good restaurant picks for dinner where no reservation's are required. We'd probably prefer places that are little on the simpler side; i.e. no big multi-course meals (so no Galatoires). During fest-time, we plan one big dinner the night before the fest begins, and that's it for making reservations. Looking for places we get in and out of within a couple hours.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Dick & Jenny's
    Jaques-Imo's (no res. needed at either)
    Kelsey's usually has tables available

    Mr. B's is usually pretty good about getting people in without a reservation.
    I believe Herbsaint (new and more casual sister restaurant of Bayonna) takes walk-ins (check on this though)

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    1. re: Brad K.

      Good luck with Jacques-Imo's. No reservation needed, but last time I went, the place was packed at 6:30. We were told there would be an hour and a half wait for a table for four. People were waiting outside because there was no room left at the bar or anywhere inside to stand. And this was on a Wednesday. We went somewhere else.

      Blue skies,

      1. re: Catherine

        try the new hot spot in the warehouse district riomar. small and casual with great food .next year you won't be able to get in me