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Apr 16, 2001 05:25 PM

Restaurant Guide

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Just ordered and received Tom Fitzmorris' "The Eclectic Gourmet Guide to New Orleans". It's his reviews (he's a local food critic)of many New Orleans restaurants. Since I've made a point of trying as many as I can over the eighteen years I've had a timeshare down there, I find his comments very accurate over the ones I know about. Interesting reading.

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  1. Funny, people in N.O. seem to be quite divided over him. Either love or intense hate. Look at the message board on and you will see some nasty words. He doesn't bother me - reviews seem accurate, but I don't live there.

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    1. re: Brad K.

      One can get a different (better?) perspective on how folks interact with Tom through his own message board. Link below.

      I find the nolalive board to have a lot of silly comments and baseless attacks re: restaurants, critics, tourists, etc. IMHO

      (I do like their oyster cam)

      --R Anthony