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Apr 12, 2001 11:04 PM

Anybody know where Vaughn's is?

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Going down to Jazz Fest on the first weekend and I want to catch Kermit Ruffins on Thursday night. He's playing at a club called Vaughn's, which I've never heard of. Anybody know where it is? and would you recommend it? and any good places to eat close by or on the way from the Quarter?

If you can help, send me an email.


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  1. Vaughn's rocks, although I'm afraid to tell you where it is for fear that the last local place will be infested by tourists.

    Fine, you dragged it out of me. Vaughn's is in the Bywater area, off Poland Ave on Lesseps near Dauphine. The lowdown: bad neighborhood, cheap beer, awesome music. They usually fire up some food around 1am or so -- red beans, turkey necks, or something easy to feed a crowd.

    There's a great seafood restaurant not too far away -- Jack Dempsey's on Poland Ave. near the SPCA. Get the seafood platter for two, and prepare to take at least half of it home, even if there are two of you eating. Awesome.

    Blue skies,

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    1. re: Catherine

      I got it. Thanks. You're a good soul.

      1. re: Catherine

        Last time I was there I jammed on trombone till 3am. The pot of rice and beans was nothing special. But in New Orleans, "nothing special" is very toothsome indeed. In fact, it's better than "special".


        1. re: Jim Leff

          I wasn't too impressed by the red beans the last time I was there, either. But then again, the red beans isn't what you go to Vaughn's for. :)

          I brought some California friends there several months ago to see Kermit play. They had a blast, loved the music, and had never seen anything like it before. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they found out what was boiling in the big pot, though. They were horrified that anyone might eat turkey necks. I lived briefly in southern California, and as someone who has spent hours searching every market in La Jolla for ham hocks for my red beans, I had to laugh.

          Blue skies,

      2. by the way, Catherine. I'll try not to infest it too much. We Coloradoans try and live by the code of the mountains. Pack out what you pack in. Thanks a million for your help.