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Apr 11, 2001 10:36 AM

Safe Parking at Ugelisch's?

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Where does one safely park when driving to Ugelisch's? I'm looking forward to going there, but keep hearing stories about its surrounding neighborhood. Is street parking okay?

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  1. We took a cab but I think the warnings about the neighborhood are overstated, especially if you drive. Your car will be in plain view at all times. It's a wide open area -- a broad street with a couple of large warehouses.

    After lunch we walked down Baronne to Jackson (about 8 blocks) to make our way to the Garden District. It's definitely a low income neighborhood but we -- pathetic yuppie jokes in sundresses, baseball hats and shiny targets -- never felt threatened. Not a place I'd hang out but if you handle yourself smartly I don't think there is any problem. Especially if you are driving.

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      Better to be safe than sorry and DO NOT walk down Barrone to Jackson. Trust me. Walk down Erato to St. Charles then you can walk to Jackson.

    2. you can usually park right next to the most people cab it there..and the hood isn't that bad, there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, a large commercial dairy across the street and tables on the sidewalk outside the rest, always full!! enjoy!