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Apr 10, 2001 11:30 PM

Bon Ton Cafe

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What can anyone tell me about the Bon Ton Cafe, which I'm told is a venerable Cajun place in the Central Business District that hasn't changed its recipes in at least 30 years. The reviews sound good, but I'd like to hear from folks that have eaten there.

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  1. My brother and I ate at the Bon Ton back in '97. I doubt things have changed much since then. They have some old menus for you to peruse. The prices are hilarious. Ah, but we were all so young back then. :>)

    I'd go back. It's "cajun," but not "BAM" cajun. It's a good dependable spot for seafood, especially crawfish. First-timers should get the five-way crawfish dinner (Bisque, etouffee, newburg, omelet, and fried, I think). Supposed to have very good redfish too.

    The bread pudding is a dense, old-fashioned slab.

    Some of the waitresses (definitely not "servers") probably haven't changed in 30 years either.