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Apr 9, 2001 12:48 PM

Dooky Chase's

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I'm going back to N.O. for my fifth jazzfest this year, and have never been to Dooky Chase's? Is that heresy or good judgment? I've heard mixed things (from "can't miss' to "soul food for people who've never had soul food").

Any expert opinions?


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  1. A bunch of us went during the 1992 Jazz Fest, so this isn't exactly up to date. The food was very good, although not fantastic. The restaurant's decor is great. But the place is in a VERY bad area. We drove, and they had us park across the street in a lot surrounded by a chain link fence topped with barbed wire.

    Also my fifth Fest. See ya at the Fairgrounds!

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      Alex Navarro

      I'll answer my own question. We wentthere on April 28 for lunch and it was disappointing. Fried chicken did not live up to its billing, rather ordinary. The crab soup was very good, but the gumbo and the other items we ordered were also ordinary, as well.

    2. I was disappointed. Gumbo was served just above lukewarm. My trout was not particularly fresh (doubt if it was) - dry in fact. GF's salad looked like out -of-the-bag type.