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Apr 7, 2001 01:48 PM

commander's palace

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This will be our first time to NO, is Commander's Palace worth the trip? How expensive is it?

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  1. As far as estimated cost:

    Is it worth it? Sometimes -- there have been reports of some service problems and I have noticed a little inconsistency in the food as of late. Lunch or Sunday brunch are probably the best bets.

    1. We had a decidedly second-rate dinner experience last June. Definitely not worth it for the money. You can certainly do far better at a number of other restaurants. We loved Bayona, for example--better in every way.

      1. The Sunday jazz brunch is worth it; dinner most assuredly is not. Dinner is grossly overpriced; service indifferent; food no better than you can get at least a dozen other places in town (including some others run by the Brennans, such as Mr. B's).