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Apr 5, 2001 01:01 PM

NO gastronomic itinerary

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OK, this is what I've got. Heading to NO tonight (sadly, arriving close to midnight so no eating...) If anyone thinks I should radically adjust the plan, lemme know QUICK! I'll check this board before I go to the airport.

Fri lunch: Uglesich
Fri dinner: Jacques Imos
Sat lunch: Riomar? Liuzza on Bienville? Palace Cafe? Casamento?
Sat Afternoon meal (a new one!):?
Sat dinner (10:30 pm Reservation!) -- Bayona
Wee hours...Cafe du monde. Love my fried things.
Sunday Lunch: Cdrs Palace or Brennans, if they do lunch
Sunday afternoon snack...? boarding a plane at 7 pm

snacks/drinks: Tee Eva for pie, Monte Leon bar...

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  1. In case you're still checking your email, someone here once recommended taking home a muffaletta to munch on the plane back!

    Love that mid-afternoon meal!

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    1. re: Lisa Z

      ...are a wonderful idea that we've done more than once. You have no idea how green with envy the other passengers will be when they face their plastic airline "food" and the smell of the olive spread and meats and cheese comes wafting over. Faced with a morning flight and no time to get to Central Grocery that day, we've even gotten them the night before and stored them in the mini-bar fridge in the hotel room till the next day. But watch the oil on that paper!

      1. re: Gimpeaux

        And don't let any wuss talk you into splitting a whole muff. A decent chowhound could put away a whole one on a flight longer than 45 minutes.

        1. re: Bob W.
          More of Everything...

          Ah yes, another Jazz Fest approacheth.

          A whole Muff - darn! Guess I may not qualify as real hound then. By the time I leave nola, I'm usually thru a half a jar of zantac's (ah, the joy of heartburn).

          Who has the best Muff that's easy to get in-and-out of before a flight out (assuming you're staying somewhere around the quarters)?

          1. re: More of Everything...

            May not be the easiest but hands down the best is Central grocery