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Apr 1, 2001 06:30 PM

Let the Gumbo debate begin!!!

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Can someone please advise this hungry New Yawka, where I can find the best cup of Gumbo in your wonderful Crescent City.

Thanks in advance, JAV

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  1. boy thats a hard one..i've sampled many a gumbo, but gumbo can be so varied its hard to say which is the best..some people like it thick, some thin, some with only seafood , some with chicken, sausage ,shrimp..i'd be interested to see the results of this question..i do know when my sister had a rest. in tribeca 10yrs or so ago, she made a killer gumbo..fairly thin with crabmeat, andouillie, chicken seved over some rice..oh boy!!

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      You know sometimes I make both A Chicken Andoullie gumbo and A seafood gumbo (i make the base Gumbo mix of both - freeze them in smaller containers and "finish" them with the propper product , Chicken and Sausage or Shrimp,Crab, oakra and Oysters - you MUST have oysters in seafood gumbo!!). Then I do something different, whatever is leftover I put raw rice with - more product and make A Jambalaya with. Now I know Jambalaya is not usually made with A roux but man that shure does make it rich!! One time I had some wonderfull grilled Sirloin leftover and A bunch of shucked oysters and I added them to the gumbolaya - man watch out!!!

      PS -- I guess I should say I lived in NO for several years and was A chef there I worked at Mr. B's and out in Fat city and also did A fair amount of TV cooking there on channel 6.

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        More of everything...

        Hey blueschef, your gumbo sounds mighty tasty, which brings me to a question. Do you have any recommendations for a good cooking class in the city? I'm there every year for Jazz Fest, and always intend to find a good one, but it just never seems to happen.

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          I am sorry but I did not participate in any of the cooking classes in NOLA, I wish you luck!

    2. gumbo, huh? most of the restaurants in town make some thick brown stuff with pieces of chicken, sausage etc. depending on whether they are calling it seafood gumbo or not ... yawn ... as a native cajun who has eaten homemade all my life, i simply cannot recommend any restaurant variety 'gumbo'. i'm sorry to sound off like this, but ask any new yorker about, say, bagels and you get the same sort of response ... however, i will say that pampy's on broad st. serves something close to that of my father, and within hailing distance of my late grandmother's fondly remembered ambrosia. it is on the thin side, and not brown, but a little more of a complicated greenish hazel thanks to the right use of celery, bell pepper and other necessary ingredients, without relying too much on the roux to carry the day ... of course i can't vouch for the consistency of their efforts, but they are worth a try.