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Mar 30, 2001 11:43 AM

Cafe Atchafalaya - Should I go???

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Is Cafe Atchafalaya worth a visit? It got some good write ups about 4-5 years ago, yet haven't heard much since.

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  1. absolutely!! we've had dinner there several times during past jazzfess trips and always loved it...not pretetious, very down home laid back,ambiance andwe,ve never been disappointed with the food..good seafood and i remember a yummy pork dish, fried green tomato and all that good stuff..are you going to the fest?..see you there!

    praline connection on the other hand was pretty o the mill soul food, tacky plastic on the tables, long communal type tables..we went for the music that was happening but not at all happy with the food...they do have some good shows this year though..earl king! with snooks!!

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      Wow! Dueling posts on Cafe Atchafalaya! Can someone break the tie?

      But Earl King! I'd eat dreary food to hear him sing. Damn, he is good. Too bad most people on here have never heard "Trick Bag."

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        thanks for the heads up downhill alert! was there 3-4 yrs ago and found the food good but these things happen...oh earl king, how about "mama + papa", and of course "come on pt1"...earl has seen better days, could barely tune his guitar last yr at one club dateb but if he's in the mood...well he's one of the originals!!

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          Okay, so I am posting this really, REALLY late. I was at Atchalaya about a year ago. The food was acceptable, EXCEPT the tuna. My friend had tuna which was a frozed rectangular piece, over cooked (read dry, very dry), and cold. I think that I had an eggplant dish which was acceptable. The staff was friendly, I remember asking for some whipped cream for the dessert (or hot chocolate?) and they made it from SCRATCH. Again, I wouldn't necessarily go there unless I have to, or I was imbibing at the Balcony's happy hour special of $2 everything on tap, and was too drunk to go anywhere else.

    2. DON'T DO IT! Several years ago, it was a pretty good restaurant for Southern-style food. Now, you have a better chance hitting the lottery than receiving good food or even marginally adequate service at that restaurant (they seem to be only aiming for the tourist trade).

      1. I ate at Atchafalaya once and found it overpriced and underimpressive. Check out the recent discussion on the restaurant on the NOLALIVE food forum sponsored by the Times-Picayune.


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          P.S. On the NOLALIVE board you want post #2415 for the discussion on Cafe Atchafalaya.

        2. We've been there for breakfast only on the weekend, and it's been great (five years ago) and good (two years ago). Wonderfully out-of the-way, totally unpretentious, but the friendliness and service seemed to have declined last time.