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Mar 16, 2001 08:33 PM

oyster poboys

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My son is going to be driving through NO next week and wants to stop for lunch to get his favorite sandwich. Any recommendations for the best? Thanks.

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  1. I LOVE oyster poboys, and would recommend the following as my favorites:

    Franky and Johnny's -- near Tchoupitoulas and Arabella, uptown. VERY tasty, and their onion rings are a must.

    Cooter Brown's -- St. Charles at the river, uptown. 450 different beers available, oysters on the half shell, and yummy poboys.

    Domilise's -- near Franky and Johnny's on Annunciation. Laden with atmosphere.

    Of these, I'd say Franky and Johnny's for the best oyster poboy (their roast beef and swiss is great, too).

    Blue skies,

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      Travelin' Man

      Catherine: How do you order your oyster po-boy? I guess that a "dressed" po-boy has lettuce in addition to the fried oysters, but what else, if anything? Is tartar sauce a common add-on?

      1. re: Travelin' Man

        A "dressed" po-boy has lettuce, tomato, and mayo, I'm pretty sure.

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          Tartar sauce is not popular in New Orleans. My husband likes it with fish, and when he asks for it in a restaurant to accompany, say, a plate of fried catfish, often he is told that it is not available.

          All types of po-boys are commonly dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and sometimes pickle.

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            I like mine dressed, no mayonnaise. Most fried seafood poboys come with the french bread buttered, so mayonnaise is not necessary. I usually do ask for lemon, though.

            Sarah's right -- tartar sauce isn't popular down here.

            Blue skies,

            1. re: Travelin' Man

              Dressed with lettuce and toomato, then pour on the Crystal's!

          2. CASAMENTOS on magazine st near napolean..the best!

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            1. re: allen vella

              Casamento's signature sandwich is called an oyster loaf. It's not on french bread, but thick slabs of toasted white bread. In any event, they sure know how to fry an erster!

            2. Johnny's on St. Louis...right down from the New Orleans school of Cooking.