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Mar 6, 2001 12:10 PM

weekend trip

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I am taking my boyfriend to New Orleans for his birthday weekend in early April and I am looking for great and somewhat less well known places (except, of course, Commander's Palace, which is a must.) I also have fond memories of brunch at the COurt of the Two Sisters, but I was 13 and a row boat of shrimp cocktail was my idea of good eatin' (still is...hmm).

We could do the Brennans/Commander's/Arnaud's (is that the name of it) trifecta but maybe we shouldn't?
We are staying in the Garden District.

Please advise!

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  1. Pam, Have you looked at previous posts to this board? There have been tons of recs recently, in light of Mardi Gras. pat

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    1. re: pat hammond

      yeah yeah yeah, look at other posts. That's what everyone always says. I want recommendations specifically packaged for me, ME, ME! And of course for my fella, who's been a little down lately and needs some time where it's warm and the people are kind and the food is ambrosial.

      I have already decided on that ugly place (name to be unearthed in a later perusal of the board) for Friday lunch.

      This here is a marvelous opportunity for some proud local to put together the Ultimate Eating Itinerary for some wide-eyed Yanks -- a balance of haute and down-home, comfort food and elegance...
      Certainly someone out there is up to the challenge. We will open up our mouths like baby birds to receive your recommendations.

      We arrive around midnight on a Thursday. Breakfast will be at the inn, I think -- Friday lunch at aforementioned uglies...then Friday dinner? Saturday breakfast/lunch? Saturday dinner? Sunday meals?

      I'll give you people one more chance...If you were coming to Washington, DC I would DEFINITELY do the same for you.

      I will wait patiently and check back daily.

      1. re: pam

        There really ARE some older posts on this board that might fit your bill -- I remember printing them out for my trip in December. Just scroll down!

        There are so many great restaurants and so many different opinions that a "definitive" list doesn't really exist.

        - Lisa Who Didn't Really Like the Beignets at Cafe Du Monde Z.

        1. re: pam

          How 'bout a great fried everything dinner at Jack Dempsey's off Poland Avenue?

          Bayona it ain't, but their fried seafood platter for two is amazing, and like most restaurants in New Orleans, ambience is everything. Have an Abita while you wait, eat the seafood platter, and try to catch Kermit Ruffins at Vaughn's not too far away.

          Blue skies,

          1. re: pam

            I'm not from New Orleans, but have done my fair share of eating on my last two trips, so here goes...

            I love NOLA. I know Emeril gets some bad press here, but I have had great experiences there. The duck pizza is to die for and the cedar-plank roasted fish is outstanding.

            For cheap/casual breakfast or lunch go to Mother's. We had a great breakfast of omelettes, grits, and debris.

            I highly recommend Commander's Palace for lunch or brunch, I have been to both. It is actually very reasonably priced for the same outstanding food and service that you would get with their expensive dinners. It truly is an experience...walking through the kitchen to get to the bar, having a couple (okay, three) of their delicious Bloody Mary's, and don't forget to order the Chocolate Molten Souffle (it may not be on the menu but they will make it for you if you ask nicely!).

            Acme Oyster House...sit at the bar and slurp back a dozen with a cold beer...great!

            We had some so-so experiences too, but I don't like to dis anyone unnecessarily, maybe they were having a bad day.

            Go, eat and enjoy! Let us know how you make out.

            1. re: pam

              Don't miss Jaques-Imo's. It's become my favorite restaurant in N.O. and a trip is not complete without it. It's out on Maple Street (take St. Charles out to Carollton, make a right, go a couple of blocks and make a left on Maple)

              You'll probably wait an hour, but it's worth it. Hang out at the bar, or at the bar next door. Don't miss the alligator cheesecake appetizer, a crusty little quiche which is out of this world. Never been disappointed there, every dish on the menu is a winner especially the fish dishes. Nice generous portions and a fun place to be. Jaques usually trolls around the dining room talking it up with the diners.

          2. Ditto to the suggestion about Jacques-Imo's. What a find! Jack is a terrific host. They don't take reservations, however, and make sure they're open. (We went on a Wednesday evening just after Jazz Fest and discovered, to our chagrin, that they were closed to give their staff a break. Jack, however, gave my wife and me a glass of wine, paid for our cab, and recommended another restaurant--Clancy's--which was a treat. Give it a try. We returned to Jacques-Imo's the next night and were glad we did.)

            As far as I'm concerned, I could never see the inside of Commander's Palace again and be a happy man. Go, instead, to Bayona, which is nothing short of superb.