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Feb 28, 2001 10:57 PM

Post Mardi Gras Update(Will keep it as short as possible)

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Here's the lowdown on some great eating and not so great eating, both with their surprises...

Friday night at Jacques-Imo's. Ealy dinner at 6:00. Seated right away and treated to some of the best service of the whole five days. Shrimp and Alligator Cheesecake was OUT of THIS WORLD! My wife loved the fried green tomatoes. Catfish with Creole Hollandaise and the Porkchop stuffed with Shrimp and beef, greens, mashed sweet potato and corn macquechoux were the kinds of foods we craved after a day of travelling. Washed down with a simple Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc. Finished with some yummy banana cream pie and chicory coffee.

Saturday- A very Disappointing Muffaletta from Central Grocer. Looks like they were maximizing profits for the big weekend. We each ate half with chips and bloody mary's with room to spare. Scary...

Saturday Night at Mr. B's. Seated right away. Seemed that no restaurant the whole weekend was brimming with customers and there was plenty of room for everyone. BBQ shrimp were fabulous and fabulously messy. My first of many sazerac's for the weekend. Fell in love with the classic cocktail. Crabmeat risotto could have been a little more al dente but creamy still and loaded with crab. I was unsure about it initially but the waiter brought over a sample for me to try to entice me. It worked! Strawberry shortcake for dessert could have been juicier but it's tough to beat the New England shortcake's I'm used to. No wine tonight since I was heavily buzzed from a day of hand grenades, hurricanes and the sazeracs.

Sunday was a day of disappointment. Acme Oyster House- While the Oysters were first rate and my Oyster and Shrimp Po'Boy was tasty, the room was pretty gross and unclean. While we are all for local flavor and understand how busy the weekend was, if the front is that messy, we can only imagine (and would rather not) what the kitchen looks like. By contrast, Mother's was great (Monday). Just as busy, noisy and we sat right next to the dishroom. But the staff was courteous, the food great and even the owner was outside keeping the line smiling. The red beans and rice weren't too shabby either nor was the Ferdie Special, the turtle soup and the bread pudding. Well worth the 45 minutes on line.

Sunday night at the Palace Cafe. Good food, awful service. SO bad we had to let them know the next day. Bad enough that they bought us dinner the next night. Unfortunately with the previous night's taste in our mouths we weren't that much more impressed. Shrimp Remoulade was a good presentation and tasty with a fried ripe tomato as the centerpiece for the remoulade and the shrimp. Peppered duck with seared foie gras was delicious. Bananas Foster was only ordinary. Praline Cheesecake was phenomenal. Crabmeat cheesecake couldn't hold a candle to Jacques-Imo's similar preparation.

It took us until the last day to realize we really only needed one main meal a day! Beignets and frozen cafe au lait on Mardi Gras at noon. We were lucky enough to get an early reservation at Brennan's which was one of the few places we could find open. Awesome! Our Waiter Jesse was the best. We told him we had great turtle soup at Mother's and he wouldn't let that go until we tried some of theirs(Mother;s was actually still better) as were the Oysters Rockerfeller, Oyster Soup, the Jackson Salad (kinda like a cobb without the avocado), Peppered Filet Mignon with BBQ Shrimp, Trout with lump Crabmeat and a pecan lemon butter sauce and the best Bananas Foster with a rich Brown sugar, banana liqueur and rum glaze. We decided to go all out and spend on some wine. First we ordered a white Hermitage but they brought a chardonnay by mistake. We ordered something else and they again brouhgt a mistake. I was told that someone must have put it in the wrong bin but were welcome to it even though it was a mistake. Tagged in the bin for a $95 bottle was a 1974 Mantrachet by Domaine de la Romanee Conti! $550 on the list, we gladly took their offer and had a truly spectacular night.

In between all the eating and walking we actually saw five parades, caught about 50 pounds of beads and had a spectacular time.

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  1. Good effort on all the eating during MG - I'm sure it's tough!
    Not surprised by ACME,I was there recently after a Saints game (they won) and it got really gross looking (oysters still good though). During MG the place must be a true pit.

    Can't believe they let you keep the '74 DRC Montrachet. Sounds more like a show wine that they keep on the list and no one ever orders. Had it turned - how was it???? (Brennans does have one of the most impressive wine cellars - you can even eat in there).

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    1. re: Brad K.

      It was definitely on it's last legs. A tiny bit maderized but with hints of caramel, dried apricot and my wife thought a little papaya. Still had some good acid left to it as well. Well worth the price AND the experience.

      1. re: Noreaster

        Saw a group of Japanese tourist types at Veritas up here in NYC, drink a flight of the Le Montrachet over glasses of crushed ice. Have you tried this? They seemed to have a good time doing it.
        Live and learn, I guess.

        1. re: wb

          Gee, I never thought of that one. Well, sometimes I mix my Ch. Lafite (particularly that old '45 stuff) with diet coke and a lime.
          (Money speaks I guess, but I bet the sommelier was having a coronary)

          1. re: Brad K.

            Actually the sommalier ordered up more bottles.
            Which, BTW is what a good businesman does.
            He leaves (hopefully) his attitude at the door, and sell,sell, sell!!!
            I mix good rum without coke, thank you.

    2. Noreaster wrote: Saturday- A very Disappointing Muffaletta from Central Grocer. Looks like they were maximizing profits for the big weekend. We each ate half with chips and bloody mary's with room to spare.


      Sorry to hear you got boned by Central Grocery. Progress Grocery a few doors down is the place to go for muffs now.

      1. Intriguied by your app of "shrimp and alligator cheesecake". Could you describe--I'm havin' a hard time wrapping my tastebuds around this! (Sounds like you had a great time---thanks for the newsy posts.)

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        1. re: berkleybabe

          We think it might have been a goat cheese base, very mild though we are not sure. The alligator was a very mild alligator sausage and it was all formed into a springform pan, sliced and placed over a creole mustard meuniere sauce with tomatoes concassee garnished over the top. Will work on a recipe and let you know how it goes...

          1. re: Noreaster

            Have you worked on the recipe at all? I was just down at the fest and had one dinner at Jaques Imos, and much to my dismay they were out of alligator cheesecake.

            1. re: keith k

              We've moved a new (2008) post with a recipe to the Home Cooking board:


              1. re: The Chowhound Team

                This original post was made Mar 01, 2001 seven years ago! Mr. B's was closed for two years during that time

                1. re: speyerer

                  Y'all. Clearly someone revived this thread to post a recipe. The CH team moved it. If you want to yell about how old the thread is, go post on the link they provided.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The original comment has been removed