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Feb 23, 2001 03:18 PM

Moderately Priced NOLA Dining

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I'm a seasoned N'Awlins food junkie - we go every year for JazzFest and have eaten at some of the best (Gabrielle, Bayona, NOLA, Peristyle, Mikes on the Avenue (alas for it's demise)), to name a few.

Friends who are going for the first time in early March have asked us to recommend moderately priced dining establishments and I have come up with a few: Acme, Central Grocery, Dookie Chase, but would welcome your suggestions of other spots - preferably in the Quarter or not too far away.

Thanks in advance,
Sally (who is dreaming of downing her first dozen creamy oysters come May)!!

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  1. In the FQ, how about Mike Anderson's?

    Outside, how about Mandina's, Casamento's, the Bon Ton Cafe, Mother's, and Liuzza's?

    1. Lunch at Bayona is a GREAT value

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      1. re: Lisa Z
        Sally Goldberg

        Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Bayona is one of my all-time favorites and I am hoping to get a reservation for the second weekend of JazzFest - haven't been able to get in the last few years. I've never considered it for lunch for myself as we're usually in N'Awlins at JazzFest and too busy sucking down JazzFest food during the day...

        1. re: Sally Goldberg

          If you make it to Bayona, I HIGHLY recommend the duck sandwich. I read about it on this board and it was one of the highlights of my trip.

          1. re: Lisa Z
            Sally Goldberg

            Is the duck sandwich only served on the lunch menu? I LOVE duck in any form so this sounds right up my alley. BTW I've been trying to get through to Bayona to make a reservation for JazzFest and their line is CONSTANTLY busy... any tips on when is the best time to call?

      2. Also try Katie's (steak and martini night is fabulous), Garce's (haven't been lately, but used to be a fun Cuban restaurant), Franky and Johnny's for poboys, and Semolina's (fun pasta).

        Cafe Degas on Esplanade has a good lunch menu, but you generally can't go wrong eating at any of the restaurants on Esplanade in MidCity.

        Blue skies,