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Feb 19, 2001 04:46 PM

Just back from New Orleans

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Not a Mardi Gras fan but had to go there last week on business. My wife and I always try different restaurants in NOLA. First night, Clancys(also happened to be Valentines Day so they were quite busy).Very limited selctions of wine by the glass. Thought the fried oysters with brie were highly overated. Meal was pleasant, but we would not rush back with all the other options in town.Next evening, Bayona. Waitstaff very helpful, wine and food excellent, ambiance very nice. We were not rushed and had a wonderful total dining experience.This is one where we would go back often ! Following night, Palace Cafe.Right in the middle of all the madness! Turned out to be an extremely pleasing evening with a bonus of a table right at the window overlooking Canal Street and 3 parades. Food and service were first rate, especially impressive with all the Mardi Gras craziness everywhere. I was disappointed in their famous bread pudding and felt that the Granny Smith deep dish apple cobbler with homemade ice cream was far superior.The last night was to be Peristyle, something we had long awaited. Too bad, all the parades kept us from getting there-if you could find a cab, they refused to go anywhere near that part of town. So we went next door and immediately got a seat at the bar at Emeril's. Say what you want,we had a full service meal and it was outstanding.Highly recommend the BBQ Shrimp, Foie Gras, Texas Redfish with andouille coating and the Choclate Souffle.Wines by the glass we plentiful and excellent. Waitstaff was highly attentative. Finally, Casamento's for lunch is always a treat.

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good meal at Palace Cafe, it was one of my favorite restaurants there. You didnt like the bread pudding though? Hmm.

    Palace Cafe also makes the best bloody mary's on the planet, and if you ask for a bloody bull (bloody mary with beef broth, killer) you're up for a very special treat. cant get anyone else in the country to make one, though.