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Feb 12, 2001 04:58 PM


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Found at 1238 Baronne St. has just the BEST fried green tomatoes I've ever had (could be that I'm just a gal from Minnesota, but I doubt it). Also the gumbo, and crab and potato cakes were excellent. The two buddies that went with me had equally delicious seafood. Do give Uglesich's a call before you go, just to make sure they're open -- I lucked out and was able to get in for lunch on a Saturday, but they're usually not open on Saturdays.... and I'm not sure about their dinner hours either -- so be forewarned -- call first. It's definitely worth it!!!

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  1. Yes, you found one of the great New Orleans restaurants that is not such a secret anymore. It,s the first place I go when ever I'm in N.O. and the last place I stop before I go to the airport. They are not open for dinner, and there's usually a wait for lunch but it is well worth it. Get the softshell po-boys when they're in season and definitely the fried green tomatoes.

    1. i'm from baton rouge and get down to n.o. pretty frequently...... eat at Ugely's EVERY CHANCE i can! very much surprised to jear you found it open on saturday at all. open ONLY for lunch and except for rare occasions, ONLY M-F.

      btw, might wanna take a cab. it's kinda off teh beatedn path.

      1. I first read about Uglesich's on this board then kept reading about it in other sites and magazines (e.g. Saveur). Chowhounds already had me convinced that I had to go there during my planned trip to New Orleans. I convinced my friends to go with me even though they were very skeptical because of the neighbourhood. None of us were disappointed despite having to wait almost two hours with dust blowing into our eyes.

        We had the Shrimp Uggie(recipe can be found in Saveur or online in Epicurious), panfried trout with grilled shrimp and bbq oysters. We shared so we can taste the different dishes and we all wished we had ordered more. A couple of my friends didn't think they liked oysters but they ended up eating their share of the bbq oysters (which is not dry grilled oysters but more like oysters cooked in a garlicky wine/vinegar sauce -- like New Orleans BBQ Shrimp).

        We wanted to there for lunch again the next day but it was Saturday and didn't think the restaurant would be open.

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          Doyle Gaither

          Gotta tell you about our experience at Ugly's (with fondness and love!) My best friend Rita and I tried to get there via the St. Charles Street Cable Car and not knowing where to exit, we got off at Howard looking for Erato... well long story short a wonderful woman who had no business carpooling in the area stopped to ask if we knew what we were doing. Of course we didn't but she took us to 1238 Baronne at 3:55 p.m. Somewhat confused, we asked Mr. Tony if he'd fix us anything at his pleasure. And wow did he! Since we didn't see a menu, I can't begin to tell you how to order; but we had the most exquisite fried green tomatoes, shrimp in spicy sauce with peppers, potatoes and onion, and fried oysters and trout to make you want to holler about. We didn't dare ask Michael to shuck oysters for us... he'd already done too many and was cleaning up for the day. We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed the most surreal dining experience of our visit to the Big Easy. Thanks Mr. Tony, Michael and the other folks who let us get in their way as they tried to clean up and go home!

          1. i've been to new orleans three times now and now i make sure i have at least two week days for lunch at uglesich's. it's my favorite restuarant on the planet. last trip i went three times (the third time we had just enough time to get oyster poboys for the plane).

            my favorites are the oysters, esp raw and fried (that hit of blue cheese is the best), tho the bbq are also great, and the trout muddy waters, which is my single favorite fish dish bar none. the crab cakes are stellar, as are the other trout dishes and the fried green tomatoes and the shrimp. you just can't go wrong.

            sadly, the last time we were there the drought had shrunk the crawdads down to the size of your little finger, and anthony said they wouldn't serve them that small. next time . . .