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Feb 5, 2001 01:18 PM

Jazz Fest 2001

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For everyone going to this year's fest, the music schedule is up at

Can't wait to enjoy some great food and music at this year's fest. Mmm, crawfish monica, gumbo. Can't wait.

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    Sally Goldberg

    I vote for Garlicky oysters on eggplant!! And last year we discovered the raw bar under the bandstand - the oyster shuckers are terribly slow (they could learn a thing or two from Acme) but it's worth a bit of a wait!!

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    1. re: Sally Goldberg

      Me, I'm already salvating over the Crawfish Monica and quail gumbo.

      1. re: Sally Goldberg

        Get a head's up on the Fest and dig some tunes while you surf the net. The "French Quarter" radio station at sonicnet features artists from Jazz Fest 2001, artists from Jazz Fest's gone by, artists you will hear in the clubs during the Fest, plus a number of New Orleans classics.

        Tune in and turn on to the "French Quarter" station at Sonicnet @



        1. re: Greg

          Thanks for the link - getting REALLY geeked up for this years JazzFest - the program is fabulous. Scored a reservation at Clancy's and Gabrielle and intend to eat at Sidmars in Metaire the first night.

      2. Just 19 days till I'm there! Can I keep salivating that long? Oyster po-boys, soft shell crabs, crawfish anything....mmmmm!