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Jan 28, 2001 12:02 AM

Going To Mardi Gras '01, Would Like A Restaurant Update

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Well, this will be our 4th Mardi Gras, and obviously I am somewhat familiar with N.O. restaurants (good to see everyone discovering the Upperline. We ate there in Feb. '99, and the food was great, the owner friendly, but the waiter was snooty. I'll bet he was eventually fired).

I'd like to get an update from those of you who have been there in the last 6 months or so. Which of the classics have gotten better or worse? Anything new we shouldn't miss?

Tentatively, we have the following to work in:

Sunday Brunch: Open for suggestions, but the brunch at what used to be the Westin Canal Place (now the Wyndham) was still good last year.

Other Breakfasts: Bluebird Cafe, Camelia Grill, Cafe du Monde (at least twice), The Coffee Pot

Lunches: Johnny's Po' Boys, Progress Grocery's Muffelettas (I like Progress over Central -- don't start ;-)), Mother's (Like their red beans & rice, never tried the debris -- I'm not a morning person), Quarterscene Restaurant (Country fried steak), Commander's Palace (for the molten chocolate souffle if for nothing else)

Dinners: Mr. B's (BBQ Shrimp), Acme Oyster House, maybe Corky's in Metarie (for variety and cuz I'm a BBQ fan), perhaps Ugelisch's this time, since I've been trying to go for awhile, Cafe Giovanni (because I've heard good things).

We are fairly flexible, however, so I would take any input.

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  1. Personally, I'd skip breakfast (an order of beignets should keep you going!) and hold out for lunch (for such an awesome food city, breakfast is relatively slim pickins - they just aren't morning people down there- but I do like Mother's (black ham,grits w/ cracklins)and have heard good things about Elizabeth's).
    New-ish places include Herbsaint on St. Charles (Susan Spicer's new place); Cuvee (I think on Magazine) - pricey but the food is suposedly great and they have a really good wine list; Dick & Jennies.
    Also try Jaques-Imos for dinner. If uptown, I like Frankie & Johnnie's for po-boys and fried pepper rings, or Clancy's for a good dinner.

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    1. re: Brad K.

      Aww, I can't skip breakfast -- that's my favorite meal of the day! But at least two breakfasts there will probably consist of coffee and Beignets, one will be a buffet brunch (still open for recommendations on that one), and the others could be anything.

      After reading the comments here, it looks like we will go to Jacques-Imo's for dinner, and Uglesich's for lunch at least one day. Maybe skip Johnny's Po' Boys (though I do love their roast beef) and try a Ferdi's Special at Mother's instead. We may add Bayona for lunch one day.

      1. re: Hoc

        If you are staying in the Quarter, there is a good breakfast spot way up on Bourbon called Clover (?), a tiny little greasy spoon, with good coffee and often long waits.

        Go early to Uglesich's (or late) and still expect a 45 minute wait (they have been written up just about everywhere recently!). Try their shrimp and grits app. and one of their trout dishes.

        At Bayonna, you MUST have the mushroom in cream sauce as an app (they serve it for dinner, not sure about lunch though) - this is pure decadence.

        At Mother's the Ferdi is great, I also like their seafood gumbo (lots of seafood, big plump oysters), their jambalaya and their oyster po-boy (its a small fortune, but man that sandwich must have 16-20 oysters on it!).
        Oh my, I'm drooling on my keyboard...

        1. re: brad k

          You're referring to Clover Grill on Bourbon Street. The super-campy waiters are a great show in themselves. But during Mardi Gras you may not be able to get near the place.