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Jan 25, 2001 07:38 PM

The Funky Butt Club

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We're going to New Orleans for the first time...was wondering if anyone out there knows about the quality of food at the Funky Butt Club? Also, what about Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville - is the food any good, or is it just another celebrity hipe?

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  1. I was at the Funky Butt lo...a couple years back. It was much better than Margaritaville - better atmosphere, better chow, no Jimmy Buffett in sight. I know my experience is a bit outdated, but better than nuthin.

    1. My husband and I always say that the food at Margaritaville is better than you would expect for this type of place. Caveat: Margaritaville does not serve "typical New Orleans" food, and I would not necessarily recommend it to a visitor who wants to have the maximum New Orleans experience. We have lived here for three years and we find it a pleasant alternative to the ubiquitous NO menus that all serve pretty much the same thing. My husband loves the meatloaf plate with jalapeno macaroni and cheese. There are also a couple of decent vegetarian entrees, not easy to find in this city.

      If you want New Orleans atmosphere and music, go to Funky Butt. I can't testify about the food at FB because I have never been there, largely due to personal distaste at the idea of eating at an establishment that is so named.

      1. Don't eat at the Funky Butt. The food is OK, but it's not great, and in a City like N.O. serving all that great food, you should only eat great food while you're there.

        But DO go to the Funky Butt for the music. THAT'S great. Eat somewhere else in the French Quarter first, and then go to the F.B. for music and dancing in the aisles.

        Some lesser known F.Q. dinner suggestions if you haven't been: BBQ Shrimp at Old Nawlins, or Mr. B's; Chicken and Sausage Gumbo at Patout's Cajun Cabin; Shrimp Remoulade or Blackened Gator at Ralph & Cacoo's; Oysters at Acme Oyster House; any bronzed entree at K-Paul's; Jambalaya at Alex Patout's Restaurant.

        BTW, I suspect I needn't direct you to Commander's Palace for lunch? Don't miss it, it is truly the best restaurant in the country, and lunch is a bargain there (under $100 for 2) -- if you plan to go there for dinner, you may have to mortgage the kids.

        1. hell, i didn't even know the funky butt served food!!! go there for the music!

          as to margaritaville, it's NOT a new orleans style restaurant, its a copy of the key west menu. that's not to say teh food quality is bad, but i wouldn't waste big greazy table time there. i LOVE going to the street-side bar for the entertainment in the late evening and a couple of drinks. if i'm not mistaken, the music's ALWATS free at m'ville

          a good jazz restaurant combo is Snug Harbor. great burgers! same recipe as the Port of Call on esplanade.

          if you want a true big sleazy experience, try lunch (lunch ONLY) at uglsich's. its not only to die for, its to KILL for. jsut ask gail or anthony what to order. you can't go wrong!

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          1. re: martin b

            funky butt food (!) is good, but ordinary, n.o. food. it's convenient to eat there because the venue is great and the music is usually top notch, and the food is good but not extraordinary. typical new orleans bar-food stuff as i recall - po boys etc.

            i've not eaten at margaritaville because
            a)why bother with something so non-indigenous and uninteresting? would you eat at hard rock cafe in beijing?
            b)i object to everything jimmy buffet incorporated stands for, especially that he bought what used to be storyville bar and turned it into Buffetland (TM).
            c)he's so damned smarmy and his music is crud

          2. As of July 4, 2001, the Butt has a new menu and a great chef. The prices are low, the portions are very generous and the quality rivals the fancy schmancy places. The place is open from 6pm for dining. Try the pork loin, it was amazing!