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Jan 17, 2001 09:47 AM

4 Days to eat it all (or most of it)

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Steven and I are leaving the 25th of this month for 4 days of R&R. Our itinary includes eating, eating and eating. I have been to N.O twice before, in my younger years and I was there more for the party atmosphere and an occasional meal. Would love any or all recommendations for our trip, we are staying in the French Quarter, and unless it is an absolute must, would like to limit our trips to the restarauntes in the Quarter. Cafe' du Monde is definitely on our list, but would love a couple of dinner and lunch ideas. Thanks alot. Kim

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  1. Casamento. In the 4300 block on Magazine (I think its Magazine, but you can look it up). The cleanest, neatest, oyster bar (with lighting like a luncheonette) and restaurant I've eaten at. And cheap too! Try to take the trolley and then walk down to Magazine. The cab fare is expensive.

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      I agree Casamento a great place. Bayona is great.
      and all the classics- Commander's Palace, Gallatoire's, Feix's Oyster bar, etc are great.
      The bar at the Monte Leon is a fun place far a drink.
      Good Luck

    2. A really nice place for breakfast in the Quarter is Petunia's. Very pretty, old NO setting, and good food. Of course don't forget your lunch time muffaletta from either the Central Grocery or Progress, near Cafe DuMonde.

      1. Check the Times-Picayune's dining forum at the link shown below for lots of input by locals.


        1. Thanks for all the recommendations, I will fill you in upon our return.