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Jan 12, 2001 06:54 PM

Where to go for boiled seafood in January?

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My girlfriend will be going to New Orleans next weekend (1/20-21/2001) and I'd like some recommendations on boiled seafood places.

I noticed that Acme Oyster Co. has Crawfish this time of year, but I'd really like to find a place that specializes in it. She's never cracked crabs, so I'd like to ideally introduce her to boiled blue crabs.

We're not confined to the French quarter, but if there is any place remarkable within the French Quarter/Uptown/Bucktown/Algiers areas, it would be ideal. Thanks!

P.S. We're signed up for the Culinary Institute 4 hour hands-on course. I'll let everone know how it goes!

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  1. I see no one else has answered you, so even tho my knowledge of NOLA is painfully slight I'll dive in: ACME is good stuff, and one of the few authentic places that serves boiled crawfish, etc. out of season. Most places just don't have the resources to ship in/cultivate crawfish out of season, so in January you're pretty SOL.

    Many of the cool little seafood places that specialize in crawfish 1/2 of the year you *really* don't want to gamble on in off season (once I got a boiled dozen in February and all of them were carrying eggs...SO not pretty). However, if you're game, try the outlying areas around NOLA with Cajun leanings, or King Roger's on Rampart close to the quarter...shoot, they've got racoon and a hundred other things, anyway. Good fun. PS re: King Rogers - if you're walking, only go during daylight.

    Unfortunately for your winter visit, one of the joys of NOLA chow is the very traditional approach to eating food mostly in season. If nothing else I promise: you'll find some GREAT oysters.

    Good luck - and do let me know if you sucessfully find crawfish!