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Dec 27, 2000 09:26 PM

Commander's Palace crunchies

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I had one of the best and most romantic meals of my life when I went to Commander's Palace with my girlfriend two years ago. It was quite a different experience when we returned and tried to recreate the magic last week. We both ordered their tasting menu, and while nothing was terrible (nothing was amazing either), the food was plagued by stupid careless mistakes--many sharp jagged bits of shell in the crabcakes, sand in the bed of spinach on which they sat. I bit into a huge grapefruit seed in my weird citrus custard thingy. Am I overreacting? Has anyone else had a similar experience recently?

The space is still gorgeous, and the staff treated us very well. Today, I wrote them a polite letter telling them about the problems above. I would normally have told the staff right then and there, but it was our last night in town, it had been cold and rainy all week, and I just wanted the vacation to end on a positive note.

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  1. see j. wallace's post of 12/9 and my reply

    1. Commander's can be one hell of an inconsistent restaurant. Sometimes it can be amazing, sometimes it can be like what you described or even worse. My understanding is that it hasnt been consistently great since Emeril was there.

      By far my favorite Brennan-owned restaurant in 'Nawlins is Palace Cafe--I think the younger Dickie Brennan runs the place. I've had a few unbeleivable meals here, their bread pudding is absolutely stunning.

      Plus its the only damn place in the world where I can seem to get a Bloody Bull.