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Dec 26, 2000 11:01 AM

January visit to New Orleans

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Hi all:

My wife and I are planning a long weekend in New Orleans the first weekend in January. We haven't been there in about 10 years, so we're pretty out-of-date on where the current best places are. So, where would you all suggest for a classic New Orleans meal? What are the hot new restaurants, and are they worth a trip? what about neighborhood joints, what are the best of those?? And where, if you were going to have one great meal in N.O. would you choose???

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Check out Lisa Z's post on the New Orleands board --packed with great info--it's a one stop shopping read!

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      George M Conway

      The best the french quarter has is a sleeper! Not many know of Irene's on St.Phillip just one block off Decatur. Take the ferry across the river and go to the Dry Dock Cafe it is a local hang out and gets alot of tourist through there too.When you go in be sure to tell the girls Mike C. sent you, it won't get you a free beer but it will me! Have fun and don't back away from anything, it is all a real large

      1. Don't forget Jacques-Imo's -- check out the numerous previous postings on the board about this restaurant. It's just a couple of blocks off the St. Charles streetcar line on Oak Street, and it's our one must-do for out of town visitors.

        Also see my earlier posting below regarding Dry Dock. The ferry ride is great. But don't go just for the food.