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Dec 9, 2000 08:06 PM

Commanders Palace

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Everytime I do a trade show in New Orleans, I have customers who want to go to Commanders Palace because they've heard some rating service refer to it as one of the best restaurants in the country. I'm usually disappointed, it's like eating on a cruise boat, fancy food made for a crowd....not recommended.

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  1. its funny you should be disappointed in commander's ... there has been a bit of an exodus of some of the top talent from there as the workhorses parlay their resumes into the top spot at other places ... part of the price of success, i imagine, though i've also heard that the exec chef can be tough to work with. i recently posted about dante's kitchen -- the chef there is a recent defection, and commander's loss has been dante's gain. there's stuff like that going on all the time. brennan's steak house has had some problems with its executive kitchen staff too, and a shakeup is imminent, but haven't heard if the quality has suffered...

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      I have to say that while CP is expensive, I have yet to have a bad experience there. The food and service are exceptional. I have eaten at 5-star restaurants throughout the U.S. and CP is unquestionably one of the best restaurant in the country.